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Beatrix preparing Shock.

Holy Sword (聖剣技, Seikenwaza?, lit. Holy Sword Technique), also known as Holy Blade, Seiken or Holy Arts, is a recurring skillset in the series, often used by the Paladin job. The command allows access to powerful non-elemental and Holy-elemental attacks.


Final Fantasy IX[]

Seiken is Beatrix's skillset and appears as a normal ability command for Beatrix in the command menu. Seiken allows Beatrix to use a handful of Steiner's Sword Arts. Beatrix uses all of her Seiken skills during the three boss battles against her, and has the skills available for use during her time as a temporary party member.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Holy Sword is the action ability of the Holy Knight class. It requires the user to have a sword to use and holds some of the most powerful skills.

Damage inflicted with Holy Sword abilities is calculated by a unit's physical attack and its right-handed weapon's strength.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Holy Blade is the skill-set of the Paladin job. Holy Blade techniques focus mainly on dealing damage to foes with the Paladin's sword, although some deal damage to multiple enemies at once and it contains several abilities focusing on defense.