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Causes Holy damage.


Holy is a Wht Mag spell for Eiko and Beatrix, obtained close to the end of Final Fantasy IX. It is the only offensive Wht Mag spell in the game, and one of the very few sources of Holy-elemental damage, making it a very powerful spell as there are few enemies resistant to the element. Holy is affected by Return Magic and Reflect.

Holy can be used as an enemy ability by Necron, Ozma, and Trance Kuja. Its spell power varies on who uses the spell: 85 for Necron, 96 for Trance Kuja, and 148 for Ozma.


Holy is learned from Angel Flute and White Robe for 113 AP; equipping both simultaneously doubles the AP-gain on the ability. Angel Flute is found very late, in Memoria's Past Room. White Robe is available earlier: it can be synthesized at Daguerreo with a Gaia Gear and a Jade Armlet, both which the player can buy from Daguerreo itself. It is also found in the Sea at Dusk chocograph treasure and stolen from Trance Kuja.


The damage Holy deals is affected by the user's Magic stat and Level.

Where Rnd means a random number, while MOD means modulus operation. "Rnd MOD x" can be read as a random number between 0 and x-1.

Bonus is halved by the target's Shell and the user being under Mini. Bonus is boosted by 50% if Eiko equips Magic Racket, Mage's Hat, Flash Hat, Jade Armlet, Light Robe, White Robe, Angel Earrings, Maiden Prayer, or Rebirth Ring. Equipping multiples does not stack the effect

In Eiko's Trance, Wht Mag turns into Dbl Wht where Eiko can cast two spells on her turn. The spells cost MP and expend the Trance gauge independently.


Since Holy is not learned until around the very end of the game, it doesn't get to see much use. However, it is a very powerful ability for Eiko, as it allows her to damage enemies without the need for eidolons or her weaker physical attacks. Very few enemies absorb or resist the Holy element, and some in the final dungeon are even weak to the element, including the superbosses Hades and Ozma, further increasing its value to the player. However, unlike most other spells, Holy cannot be multi-targeted, so it is best used when facing a lone enemy or a boss.

Holy is especially potent with an element-boosting equipment on Eiko during Trance when she can cast it twice; alternatively, she can fire off two different types of spells, first healing the party, and then attacking the enemy with Holy.

Using Holy is faster than summoning Madeen, and usually more powerful than its full summon animation as well unless Eiko is on a level higher than 42. Quina also has LV4 Holy, but it only works on targets with suitable levels.

Tetra Master[]

Tetra Master
Location: Treno (Card Stadium "Magic Master Thalisa")
Lindblum (Freak/Boy)
Black Mage Village (Genome [Inn], Black mage no.56)
Memoria (Strong Phantom in Lost Memory)

Holy has a card in Tetra Master, won from Magic Master Thalisa in Treno at the endgame as well as from he Card Freak in Lindblum, some of the denizens of the endgame Black Mage Village, and the Strong Phantom in the final dungeon's Lost Memory area.