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Holminster Switch is the first dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It is Trust compatible.


Holminster Switch─an idyllic settlement in the northern reaches of Lakeland; a tranquil village where folk spend their days raising livestock and tending crops; a ripe target for a Lightwarden and its swarm of voracious sin eaters.

Reports of bloody carnage have reached the Crystarium, and the guard has deployed in force in answer to Holminster's plea for aid. The Crystal Exarch has need of your strength, for this is no skirmish with a stray abomination─to triumph against a Warden would be to strike a telling blow in the unending war for the First's survival.

Duty Finder


  • Arrive at the Wound
  • Clear the Wound
  • Arrive in the Auction
  • Clear the Auction
  • Arrive at the Manor House Courtyard
  • Defeat Philia


The Bruise[]

Traveling through the forest the party comes across various animals being turned into sin eaters, after fighting the transformed beasts the group comes across an opening in the woods.

The Wound[]

Entering the opening in the forest a higher ranked sin eater descends from the sky, the same one that fled previously.

  • Pillory- Tank buster
  • Thumbscrew- a rectangular AoE that the boss rushes to.
  • Gibbet Cage- AoE circle around the boss.
  • The Path of Light- Party wide damage.
  • Wooden Horse- Large conal AoE that covers over half the arena
  • Brazen Bull- summons orbs that creates line AoE's across the arena, making only two areas safe.

The Blackened Meadow[]

Once they exit the forest the party comes across a destroyed meadow with sin eaters running rampant, and fleeing citizens.

The Auction[]

Arriving in the town square the party meets their transformed friend Tesleen.

  • The Tickler- Tank buster.
  • Fevered Flagellation- Numbers will appear on party members heads and will charge each one going from one to four.
  • Scold's Bridle- AoE
  • Exorcise- Stack marker that will drop a large white puddle.

The Burning Village[]

With the village on fire the surviving villagers attempt to escape only to be turned into monsters that fight the Warrior of Light. Running up a path that leads outside the village the party comes across a large burning mansion.

The Manor House Courtyard[]

The Lightwarden Philia confronts the party in the courtyard.

  • Scavenger's Daughter- The boss shrieks and causes AoE damage.
  • Head Crusher- tank buster where the boss leaps on the tank.
  • Chain Down- targets a player and binds them, the rest of the party has to free the player before the boss uses Aethersup
  • Left/Right Knout- Boss cleaves the arena on the left and right side of the arena respectively.
  • Into the Light- Line stack.
  • Taphephobia- players are targeted with Pink AoE's.
  • Fierce Beating- the boss beats the ground in front of them and pillars rise from the ground continuously, a little after the boss swipes its tail behind it, and rotates repeating the mechanic.


  • Forgiven Conceit
  • Forgiven Clamor
  • Forgiven Folly
  • Forgiven Ignorance
  • Forgiven Dissonance
  • Forgiven Deceit
  • Switch Gremlin
  • Forgiven Disobedience
  • Tesleen, the Forgiven
  • Forgiven Enmity
  • Forgiven Cowardice
  • Lightwarden Philia
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Musical themes[]

"To Fire and Sword", an arrangement of the main Lakeland theme "The Source", plays at all times in Holminster Switch except during boss battles.

Prior to Patch 5.2, "Persistence" played while fighting the Forgiven Dissonance and Tesleen. As of Patch 5.2, an arrangement of "Insatiable" from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT plays during these fights, while the original version of "Insatiable" plays during the battle with Philia.