Hole in the Ocean on the Pureland map.

The Hole in the Ocean (海の大穴, Umi no Ooana?) is a location in Final Fantasy Legend III, it is a large hole surrounded by rocks. It is unknown how the Hole in the Ocean came to be formed as no explanation as been offered, and it has only been mentioned by two people. Borgan was the first to mention it, and Sol was the last. It's the last destination that Arthur takes in Pureland after Xagor's defeat. Talon2 flies into the hole and emerges out of the Water Entity in the Future World.

It is possible that its connected to the Water Entity, and the water of Pureland pours into the hole and comes out through the urn in the World's past, present, and future. Causing those eras to flood by the water of Pureland.

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