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Hojo: Ni
MP 1 Kaginawa
Effect Reduces an enemy's attack speed.
Duration Varies. 5 minute maximum.
Casting Time 1.5 Seconds
Recast Time 45 Seconds
Magic Type Ninjutsu
Element Earth
Jobs NIN 48

Hojo: Ni inflicts the Slow status on an enemy. It costs 1 Kaginawa tool to cast. Hojo: Ni has been tested to reduce an enemy's attack speed by 18%. This is the upgraded version of the spell Hojo: Ichi. It has a faster casting time, is more accurate, and lasts longer.

The scroll to learn this spell can be obtained from the bodies of defeated Yagudo and Tonberry Ninja.


Kagi is a word for hook. Nawa means rope.

A kaginawa is a grappling hook affixed to a rope used by ninja to aid in infiltrating a building or an area with high walls.