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Hob is a non-playable character in original Final Fantasy XIV. He appeared during Limsa Lominsa's main story.


Hob is the captain of the ship that brings the adventurer to Limsa Lominsa. Although the adventurer saw a giant snake attacking the ship, as well as the other crew, Hob does not remember anything besides the storm. Hob says goodbye to the adventurer once he shows the way to the Adventurer's Guild.[1]

In a view of the echo, Hob helps the adventurer to enter aboard one of the galleons of the Knights of the Barracuda where Emerick was being held. Once in the galleon, Hob catches sight of sahagin ships approaching the fleet and helps with searches for Emerick. When the Sahagin ships finally reach the Barracudas' flotilla, a sea battle ensues and the giant snake appears again causing a wave to engulf the ship.[2]

At present Hob is seen again when adventurer surrenders to Coral Tower due to suspected illegal possession of a weapon.




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