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Hippogryphs were only able to be found in Grauberg during the Crystal War, they can now also be found in the remote locations of Riverne - Site #A01 and Riverne - Site #B01 in present-day Vana'diel. These animals are reportedly the descendants of a griffin (which itself is part lion and part eagle) and a horse.

Magical in nature, these creatures are quite dangerous. Explorers would be well advised to steer clear of any Hippogryph, as they are able to peer through any attempts at invisibility. Those attacking a Hippogryph must be even more alert, as they can attack in all directions seemingly at once.

Victorious parties will be rewarded with feathers from both the body and tail of the animal.

Special Abilities[]



Hippogriffs are legendary creatures, hybrids of a griffin and a female horse.