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Dreadfully sorry, my sugar cup, but I surrendered your favorite airship to a man named Kuja.

Lady Hilda

Lady Hildagarde Fabool is a non-player character from Final Fantasy IX. She is married to Regent Cid Fabool IX, the ruler of Lindblum, and is addressed as "Lady Hilda". She affectionately calls her husband pet names such as "froggy-woggy", "sugar cup", and "darling".



Similar to her husband Cid, Hildagarde wears regal clothing. She wears a gold and pink floor-length dress with tassels at the front and puffy sleeves and shoulder pads. Her short blonde hair is tucked away under an ornamental headpiece. She wears a pearl necklace with a pendant.


Hilda is sharp-witted but temperamental. While she is upset by Cid's affair, after he demonstrates he wants to be with her again, she shows her more affectionate side, calling him pet names. Hildagarde has a similar role and wisdom to Cid beyond her affection for him. She describes listening to Kuja as having been "tiresome," but having been horrified by his master plan. She also describes him as a narcissist, though she considers this to be better than a "skirt-chaser."


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Hilda saved by Zidane's party.

Hilda married Cid Fabool IX at the age of 14. She left Cid following the revelation that he was having an affair with a waitress. In her anger, she transformed him into an oglop and absconded on his new hybrid airship, the Hilda Garde I, that can fly without Mist. Kuja abducted her as he desired the steam-powered airship for transport, as although he had his silver dragon, only he could ride it alone. Zidane and his friends rescue her when they catch up with Kuja in Mount Gulug. Hilda is reunited with Cid and turns him back into a human as the two make amends. During her captivity Kuja had told her all about his plans, and Hilda informs the party of Kuja hailing from Terra and tells the party the whereabouts of Ipsen's Castle.

Cid and Hilda adopt Eiko.

Some time after the party defeats Necron, Cid and Hilda adopt Eiko as their daughter and leave to attend a performance of I Want To Be Your Canary by Tantalus Theater Troupe in Alexandria.

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Her name refers to Princess Hilda from Final Fantasy II. Hilda's last name, Fabool, refers to the Final Fantasy IV kingdom of Fabul. From Old High German, the words hild and gard translate as "war" and "protection" respectively and in full means protective battle-maid.