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Highwind is Cid's ultimate Limit in Final Fantasy VII. During the attack, Cid drop eighteen missiles using the Highwind airship on random enemies, doing 1116 times normal damage. It is one of the most damaging abilities the player can use.



Hey I like this! Lemme use it!


As a level 4 Limit, Highwind is learned from a manual after Cid has learned his other Limit Breaks. The manual is found inside the optional dungeon Gelnika, discoverable with the submarine. The chest containing the manual is on the left of the hall after entering, past the room where the optional bosses Turks:Reno and Turks:Rude are fought.


Highwind and Barret's Angermax are tied for the most hits by a single ability or spell, making them potentially the strongest attacks in the game if they can reach the 9999 damage cap. It is thus a great ability to use on tough opponents, like bosses, or on the Battle Square. It is a good Limit against Emerald Weapon to attack both the "eyes" and the main body, and is also great to use against the final bosses.


The ability is named after the airship Highwind, which itself appears named after Cid himself, as Highwind is his surname. "High wind" is typical of wind speeds that place a seven on the Beaufort scale. When wind travels this fast (approximately 32 to 38 miles per hour), the sea heaps up. Streaks of foam from breaking waves are blown in the direction the wind is traveling, and there are moderate amounts of airborne spray. On land, high wind moves entire trees, and effort is required to walk against it. "Highwind" is a recurring name in the Final Fantasy series for a Dragoon-type character.