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FFD Hierro Cave

Hierro Cave.

Hierro Cave (イエロの洞窟, Iero no Dōkutsu?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the east of Ashmonte. It's a mining location. People in Fabrica mine raw ore here and make them in to all kinds of things.


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This cave was blocked by the imperial soldiers before the Warriors of Light find Argy inside Ashmonte. On their quest, the Warriors travel through this place to reach Fabrica.

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Item Place
Hi-Potion Chest-Hierro Cave 1F
Eye Drops Chest-Hierro Cave 1F
Phoenix Down Chest-B1F
Red Scorpio Chest-B1F
Cottage Chest-B2F
2000 Gil Chest-B2F
Hi-Potion Chest-B2F
Antidote Chest-Hierro Cave 1F
Air Knife Crate-Hierro Cave 1F




Hierro means "iron" in Spanish.

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