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Edward under the effect of Hide.

Hide (かくれる, Kakureru?), also called Hidden, is a recurring status, often given by the ability of the same name. Hidden characters cannot fight or be damaged until the status is removed.


Final Fantasy IV[]

The Hide status is granted by the Hide ability. In addition, Edward will automatically Hide whenever he enters Critical status. The GBA ports include a bug in which Edward can be both hiding and afflicted with the Berserk status allowing him to continue attacking while near invincible until everyone else in the party is knocked out, which removes Edward's Hide status. The hide status can be remove with the Return ability.

In the 3D versions, the Aim and Throw commands can also be used while hiding.

Final Fantasy V[]

The Hidden status is grant by the Hide ability. If all characters are in the status, they all run from the battle unless it is impossible to do so. By having all party members hiding and never coming out of hiding, it is possible for the player to completely avoid taking damage and force the enemy to miss every attack that they perform, eventually wasting all of its MP. This status can also give rise to the hidden zombies bug. The hide status can be remove with the Reveal ability.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Hide status icon.

The Hide and Hidden statuses render the user unable to be seen or targeted by enemies while severely reducing movement speed. Enemies 10 or more levels higher than the user or with special senses are unaffected. Hide is granted by the Rogue Rogue ability of the same name, which cannot be used in combat, and taking any action besides Sprint Sprint will remove it. Hidden is granted by the Ninja Ninja PvP ability Kakuremi Kakuremi, which can be used in combat, but only takes effects after 3 seconds have passed without being attacked. Like Hide, taking any actions other than Shukuchi Shukuchi or Bolt Bolt will remove Hidden.