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Duck out of sight to avoid attacks.


Hide is a Bard command ability in Final Fantasy V. It causes the user to hide from battle, avoiding any incoming damage, but preventing them from moving aside from using the Reveal command.


Hide is not innate to Bards, and cannot be used until reaching job level 1 as a Bard, for only 25 AP.


Using the command gives the Hidden status to the user, preventing any action other than Reveal to remove the status. If all characters are in the status, they all run from the battle unless it is impossible to do so. By having all party members hiding and never coming out of hiding, it is possible for the player to completely avoid taking damage and force the enemy to miss every attack that they perform, eventually wasting all of its MP. This status can also give rise to the hidden zombies bug.


Hide can be used by weak characters who are vulnerable to damage after they have performed their function in battle. For example, if a Bard wished to use Sing once, and for no other contributions in the battle, can probably hide at that point. A healer-type character could also hide until their healing skills are needed. Hide can also be used to avoid on-coming strong attacks, such as powerful moves that some bosses count down towards. However, the Dragoon's Jump has a similar property of taking the user entirely out of the battle screen and thus avoiding any damage when properly timed, while also allowing them to still deal damage.