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Hidden Town on the world map.

Hidden Town (隠れ里, Kakurezato?, lit. Isolated Village) is a location in The Final Fantasy Legend.


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The party finds the town hidden within the clouds, and inside the town the party learns that if the twin sisters are brought together they will know where the sphere is, and this is why Byak-Ko is after Jeanne. One of the citizens mention that the white sphere is enshrined in a Sacred Palace somewhere in the clouds.

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Name Cost
FFL Sword Icon.pngSilver 10,712 GP
Saber 2060 GP
L-Saber 10480 GP
P-Knife 3800 GP
FFL Sword Icon.pngVampic 10,000 GP
FFL Sword Icon.pngRune 9,800 GP
LongBow 8,000 GP
Bazooka 4,000 GP
FFL Shield Icon.pngFlame 5,500 GP
FFL Glove Icon.pngGiant 5,500 GP


Name Cost
FFL Book Icon.pngCure 1,000 GP
FFL Book Icon.pngFire 500 GP
FFL Book Icon.pngIce 500 GP
FFL Book Icon.pngElec 500 GP
FFL Book Icon.pngFog 500 GP
FFL Book Icon.pngSleep 500 GP
FFL Book Icon.pngStone 5,000 GP
FFL Book Icon.pngDeath 5,000 GP
FFL Book Icon.pngFlare 50,000 GP
Book 500 GP