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A potion mixed for greater strength.

The Hi-Potion (ハイポーション, Haipōshon?), sometimes translated as Potion and Cure2, is a recurring healing item in the series. It recovers HP, usually more than a Potion, but less than an X-Potion.


Final Fantasy[]

Restores 150 HP.


Hi-Potions did not appear until the Dawn of Souls remake.

Effect Restores 150 HP.
Buy Gaia and onwards
Cost 150 gil

Final Fantasy II[]

Restores HP.

Effect Restores a large amount of HP.
Buy All item shops
Find Semitt Falls, Dreadnought, Fynn Castle, Tropical Island x2, Cave of Mysidia x2, Jade Passage
Drop Borghen, Malboro, Malboro Terra, Black Knight, Death Rider, Flan Princess, Lamia Matriarch, Catoblepas
Cost 500 G
150 gil

Final Fantasy III[]

Effect Restores 500 HP (restores up to 1000 HP on the NES).
Buy All item shops on the Surface World.
Find Molten Cave, Falgabard, Lake Dohr (x3)
Steal Many monsters
Drop Many monsters
Cost 150 gil

With the Scholar job class in the 3D remake, Hi-Potions restore up to 1,000 HP.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Restores a moderate amount of HP

Effect Restores a moderate amount of HP (500 HP in 3D versions).
Buy Mysidia, then Dwarven Castle and onwards.
Find Underground Waterway, Troia Castle (x4), Lodestone Cavern (x2), Eblan, Dwarven Castle, Tower of Babil - Lower, Cave of Eblan (x3), Tower of Babil - Upper (x2), Kokkol's Forge, Sealed Cavern (x2), Sylph Cave (x2), Feymarch (x3), Baron Castle (x2), Giant of Babil
Steal Mindflayer (3D only), Stone Golem (3D only), Baron Marine (3D only), Captain (3D only), Sword Rat (3D only)
Drop Flood Worm (2D and 3D), Cave Bat 2D and 3D), Hornworm (3D and 3D, Yellow Jelly (2D and 3D), Blood Bat (2D and 3D), Mors (2D only), Red Mousse (2D and 3D), Larva (2D and 3D), Mindflayer (2D and 3D), Killer Fish (2D and 3D), Splasher (2D and 3D), Caterpillar (2D and 3D), Hundlegs (2D only), Sand Worm (2D and 3D), Purple Bavarois (2D and 3D), White Mousse (2D and 3D), Vampire Bat (2D and 3D), Armadillo (2D and 3D), Fell Turtle (2D and 3D), Gigas Gator (2D and 3D), Alligator (2D and 3D), Ironback (2D and 3D), Rukh (2D and 3D), Stone Golem (2D and 3D), Magma Tortoise (2D and 3D), Zu (3D only), Baron Soldier (3D only), Baron Marine (3D only), Captain (3D only), Baron Guardsman (3D only), Goblin Captain (3D only)
Cost 150 gil

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Effect Restores 500 HP.
Buy Baron, Mist Cave (Ceodore), Mist (Ceodore), Kaipo, Tomra, Agart (Rydia), Troia (Palom)
Find Baron Castle x2 (Ceodore), Devil's Road (Ceodore), Baron (Ceodore), Old Waterway (Ceodore), Mist Cave, Devil's Road (Kain), Baron x4 (Kain), Mist (Ceodore), Mist Cliff (Kain), Underground Waterway x2 (Kain), Eidolon Town (Rydia), Dwarven Castle (Rydia), Kokkol's Smithy (Rydia), Sylph Cave x4 (Rydia), Agart Mine (Rydia), Fabul (Yang), Mt. Hobs x3 (Yang), Impact Crater (Yang), Adamant Forest x2 (Yang), Troia Castle (Palom), Castle Waterway x2 (Palom), Lodestone Cavern x2 (Palom), Palom's Challenge Dungeon x2, Tower of Trials (Edge), Mt. Ordeals x3 (Edge), Dwarven Mine (Edge), Impact Crater x2 (Edge), Cave of Eblan (Edge), Babil Path x5 (Edge), Babil Tower x3 (Edge), South Underground Waterway x2 (Porom), Dwarven Castle x3 (Porom), Passage of Eidolons x3 (Porom), Impact Crater (Edward), Waterway x6 (Edward), Antlion's Den x3 (Edward), Baron (Edward), Lunar Subterrane x3 (Lunarian), Impact Crater x2 (Lunarian), Baron (Final), Fabul (Final), Cave of Eblan x4 (Final), Damcyan (Final), Subterrane, Developer's Room x10
Drop Larva, Cave Bat, Zu, Yellow Jelly, Splasher, Alligator, Gigas Gator, Flood Worm, Purple Bavarois, Fell Turtle, Goblin Captain, Magma Tortoise, Blood Bat, Flaygator, Sand Worm, Red Mousse, Ironback, Mors, Killer Fish, Armadillo, Stone Golem, White Mousse, Caterpillar, Vampire Bat, Wild Bat
Cost 150 gil

Final Fantasy V[]

Recovers HP.

Effect Restores 500 HP.
Buy All item shops in the Second World and Phantom Village.
Find Tycoon Castle, Ronka Ruins, Island Shrine, Fork Tower
Steal Abductor (Castle Exdeath), Adamantite Golem (both regular enemy and Zephyrus summon), Aquagel, Ammonite, Archeotoad, Aspis, Dechirer, Rukh, Ankheg, Cure Beast, Devourer, Frost Bull, Gloom Widow, Grand Mummy, Gravidead, Grenade, Lycaon, Headstone, Hellraiser, Hydra, Imp, Jackanapes, Kuza Beast, Lesser Lopros, Little Chariot, Magic Pot, Magic Dragon, Mammon, Gorgimera, Metamorph, Moogle Eater, Moss Fungus, Mummy, Nix, Objet d'Art, Oiseaurare, Page 256, Pao, Poltergeist, Red Dragon, Ronkan Knight, Sea Devil, Sekhmet, Shell Bear, Sleepy, Slug, Soul Cannon, Trent, Twin Lizard, Unknown (1), Unknown (2), Unknown (3), Unknown (4), Garula, Launcher, Gilgamesh - 1st form (Castle Exdeath 2nd), Barrier
Drop Adamantite Golem, Ankheg, Bulette, Corbett, Chrono Controller, Fairy Orc, Frost Bull, Gel Fish, Grand Mummy, Grenade, Lesser Lopros, Imp, Level Tricker, Magnetite, Mammon, Mercury Bat, Nix, Stone Golem, Weresnake, Wyvern, Garula, Titan, Gargoyle
Cost 360 gil

Hi-Potions are also a Mix result by mixing either Hi-Potion x2 or a Hi-Potion with Holy Water.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Restores 250 HP.

Effect Restores 250 HP.
Buy Albrook, Blackjack (WoB only), Figaro Castle, Jidoor, Kohlingen, Phantom Train (WoB only), Mobliz (WoB only), Narshe (WoB only), Nikeah, Returner Hideout (WoB only), South Figaro (WoR only), Thamasa, Tzen
Find Returner Hideout, Zozo, Albrook, Jidoor (Owzer's house)
Steal Actinian, Death Warden, Anguiform, Provoker, Aepyornis, Bogy, Bomb, Glasya Labolas, Hunting Hound, Bug, Devourer, Murussu, Antares, Doberman, Dragon, Fidor, Figaro Lizard, Gloomwind, Lenergia, Gold Bear, Guard, Zokka, Cloud, Ipooh, Luna Wolf, Luridan, Magitek Armor, Mandrake, Mega Armor, Lukhavi, Nautiloid, Officer, Paraladia, Oversoul, Poplium, Cloudwraith, Proto Armor, Leap Frog, Chippirabbit, Crane, Sandhorse, Stunner, Veil Dancer, Bonnacon, Soldier, Stray Cat, Gorgias, Goetia, Megalodoth, Vulture, Angel Whisper, Zombie Dragon
Drop Briareus, Aepyornis, Bomb, Nettlehopper, Darkside, Doberman, Gold Bear, Magitek Armor, Guard Leader, Lukhavi, Desert Hare, Lesser Lopros, Don, Belmodar, Living Dead, Templar, Goetia, Megalodoth, Ymir's Head
Cost 300 gil

Hi-Potion is also used as an enemy ability by Dadaluma, Magic Urn, Guardian, Harvester, and Kefka.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Restores HP by 500.

Effect Restores 500 HP.
Buy Kalm, Junon, North Corel, Costa del Sol, Gold Saucer, Cosmo Canyon, Gongaga, Nibelheim, Mideel, Bone Village, Corel Prison
Find Midgar (x2), Mythril Mine, Whirlwind Maze, Fort Condor
Steal Devil Ride, Doorbull, Dragon Rider, Elfadunk, Hell Rider VR2, Ice Golem, Smogger, Wind Wing, Turks:Rude
Drop 2-Faced, Bagnadrana, Bandersnatch, Beachplug, Bloatfloat, Castanets, Crawler, Crown Lance, Cuahl, Death Claw, Doorbull, Dragon Rider, Formula, Golem, |Grand Horn, Grangalan, Harpy, Heavy Tank, Heg, Hell House, Ice Golem, Ironite, Joker, Jumping, Kimara Bug, Kyuvilduns, Levrikon, Madouge, Malldancer, Nibel Wolf, Razor Weed, Search Crown, Slaps, Sonic Speed, Spiral, Stinger, Thunderbird, Trickplay, Valron, Velcher Task
Morph 2-Faced, Bandit, Bloatfloat, Cactuar, Death Claw, Devil Ride, Grand Horn, Hell Rider VR2, Kalm Fang, Kyuvilduns, Laser Cannon, Levrikon, Machine Gun, Madouge, Prowler, Rocket Launcher, Search Crown, Slalom, Special Combatant, Valron
Other Prize: Chocobo races in C, B and A classes.
Cost 300 gil

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Hi-Potions restore 500 HP. They can be bought for 500 Rank Points.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Restores a moderate amount of HP.


Hi-Potions restore up to 50% of Zack's maximum HP, though they cannot restore more than 9999 HP per use. They can only be bought from Research Dept. QMC+ for 500 gil or can be dropped or stolen from various enemies. Using 10 in Materia Fusion will result in HP+10%.

Hi-Potion can also be used as an enemy ability by Captain, Combatant, Corporal, Ensign, Guard, Shinra Troop, Sergeant Major, Special Ops Officer, and Warrant Officer.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Hi-Potions restore 700 HP and are available from the start of the game for 300 gil. Vincent can carry up to two Hi-Potions at one time.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

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Final Fantasy VIII[]

Effect Restores 1,000 HP.
Buy All item shops
Steal Base Soldier, Esthar Soldier, G-Soldier, Slapper
Drop Base Leader (High [Common]), Elite Soldier (Moderate [Rare], High [Common]), Esthar Soldier (High [Common]), Esthar Soldier (Terminator) (High [Common]), Paratrooper (Moderate & High [Very common]), Slapper
Refine Potion+ x3 = Hi-Potion x1 (Med LV Up)
Healing Mail x1 = Hi-Potion x6 (Recov Med-RF)
Healing Water x1 = Hi-Potion x2 (Recov Med-RF)
Cost 1,000 gil

Hi-Potions can be upgraded to a Hi-Potion+ with Med-Up ability from Alexander. They restore 2,000 HP to a single party member. They can also be obtained, though only with a 1/18 chance, through Angelo Search, and from the 11th Floor card player in D-District Prison for 1/16 chance. Hi-Potions are also used as enemy abilities by Fujin (1st fight), Raijin (2nd fight), and Seifer (2nd fight).

Final Fantasy IX[]

Restores 450 HP. The effect decreases if used in the field.

Effect Restores 450 HP in battle.
Restores 300 HP on field.
Buy Black Mage Village and beyond.
Find South Gate, Lindblum, North Gate, Cleyra's Trunk, Iifa Tree
Steal Abomination, Adamantoise, Amdusias, Antlion, Armodullahan, Armstrong, Axe Beak, Baku, Basilisk, Blazer Beetle, Bomb, Catoblepas, Core, Clipper, Crawler, Dracozombie, Fang, Feather Circle, Gargoyle, Garuda, Ghost, Gnoll, Grimlock (Blue), Hecteyes, Hedgehog Pie, Ironite, Jabberwock, Ladybug, Land Worm, Mandragora, Mimic, Mistodon, Nymph, Ochu, Plant Spider, Python, Sahagin, Sand Golem, Shell Dragon, Skeleton, Tonberry, Type B, Veteran, Worm Hydra, Wraith, Yeti, Zemzelett, Zuu
Drop Adamantoise, Anemone, Ash, Basilisk, Black Waltz 1, Bomb, Cactuar, Catoblepas, Core, Dracozombie, Ghost, Griffin, Ironite, Jabberwock, Land Worm, Mimic, Ogre, Sand Scorpion, Seeker Bat, Soldier, Type C, Vepal, Whale Zombie, Yan, Zemzelett, Zuu
Cost 200 gil

Dagger, Eiko, Freya, and Steiner can use the "Chemist" support ability to double the effect, restoring 900 HP in battle.

Final Fantasy X[]

Restores 1000 HP of one character.


Hi-Potion is also used as an enemy ability by Guado Guardian in the boss battle with Seymour.

Effect Restores 1,000 HP.
Buy Macalania Woods onwards; available Spira-wide after obtaining the airship.
Find Baaj (x2), Besaid (x4), Kilika, S.S. Winno, Luca (x2), Mi'ihen Highroad (x4), Mushroom Rock Road (x4), Djose Temple (x3), Guadosalam (x2), Thunder Plains (x2), Macalania Temple (x2), Bikanel (x14)
Steal Bat Eye, Black Element, Buer, Bunyip, Dual Horn, Epaaj, Evil Eye, Garm, Grendel, Guado Guardian, Kusariqqu, Machea, Mafdet, Murussu, Mushussu, Negator, Nidhogg, Swamp Mafdet, Tonberry, Valaha, Warrior Monk, Wasp, Wendigo, Xiphos
Drop Mech Guard, Mech Gunner, Mech Leader, Mech Scouter, Negator, Worker, YKT-11, YKT-63
Bribe Dual Horn
Cost Varies (nominally 500 gil)

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Hi-Potion is the second level healing item. Hi-Potion is also used as an enemy ability by Blackguard, League Warrior, Lucil, Ruffian, and Yaibal. In addition, the enemy Hrimthurs uses the ability Hidden Hi-Potion when Oversouled, which functions identically to Hi-Potion.

Effect Restores 1,000 HP.
Buy All shops after Chapter 2.
Find Mushroom Rock Road (chapters 1/2), Macalania Woods (chapters 1/2), Besaid (chapters 1/2), Zanarkand (chapters (2/3), Mi'ihen Highroad (chapters 2/3/5), Zanarkand (chapters 2/3), Mt. Gagazet, Bevelle Temple (chapters 2/3/5), Celsius (chapters 3/4), Thunder Plains (chapter 3), Calm Lands (chapter 3), Besaid Cave (chapter 3), Djose Temple (chapter 3)
Steal ????, Anole, Aquila, Balivarha, Bascinet, Canis Major (normal and Oversoul), Claret Dragon, Coyote (Oversoul), Creeper (normal and Oversoul), Flame Dragon (normal and Oversoul), Flan Palido (Oversoul), Gigas, Gug (normal and Oversoul), Hexapod (normal and Oversoul), Hug Bug (normal and Oversoul), Humbaba, Killer Hound (Oversoul), League Warrior, Leucophylla, Lupus (normal and Oversoul), Malboro, Peregrine, Phantom, Quadricorn (Oversoul), Skink, Tindalos, Volcano, White Fang (Oversoul), Wild Wolf (Oversoul), Yevon Defender, Yevon Guard
Drop Adamantoise, Adamantortoise, Anole, Aquila (normal and Oversoul), Bascinet, Battlesnake, Bolt Drake, Canis Major (normal and Oversoul), Claret Dragon, Coeurl (Oversoul), Coyote (Oversoul), Crimson Shadow, Deep Haizhe, Dolmen, Fem-Goon, Flan Palido (Oversoul), Humbaba, Killer Hound (normal and Oversoul), League Mage, League Raider, League Scout, League Slasher, League Veteran, League Warrior, Leblanc (Luca, Floating Ruins), Lupus (normal and Oversoul), Monolith, Nashorn (Oversoul), Peregrine, Quadricorn (Oversoul), Sahagin Prince (normal and Oversoul), Tindalos, Tonberry, Watcher-A, Watcher-R, Watcher-S, White Fang (normal and Oversoul), Wild Wolf (Oversoul), Yevon Striker, Yevon's Finest, Zurvan
Bribe Aquila, Canis Major, Killer Hound, Leucophylla, Nashorn, White Fang
Other Alchemist dressphere's Stash skillset
The Hi-Potion through the Mix ability
Lady Luck's Random Reels (line up two twin swords icons)
Cost 500 gil

Final Fantasy XI[]

Main: Hi-Potion in FFXIclopedia

Hi-Potions can be obtained a variety of different ways, including crafting, purchase from an NPC vendor, or as rewards for special events like Assault or Burning Circle fights.

There are four different varieties of Hi-Potions: Hi-Potions, Hi-Potions +1, Hi-Potions +2, and Hi-Potions +3. The plus amount signifies a higher quality, with +3 being the best version, though other Potions exist that restore more HP.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Effect Restores 400 HP (450 HP in Zodiac versions), but its potency can be increased by learning Potion Lores on the License Board.
Buy Rabanastre, Lowtown Merchants, Nalbina, Bhujerba, Jahara, Eruyt, Mt Bur-Omisace, Mosphoran Highwaste, Old Archades, Archades, Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Leviathan, Balfonheim, Phon Coast (Cannot be bought until Dyce is met in Sandseas)
Cost 210 gil (180 gil in Zodiac versions)

Hi-Potion is also used as an enemy ability by Wyrdhare, Ba'Gamnan (1), and Rinok [a].

In the original version, Hi-Potions used by Larsa were not expended from the player's inventory. This was changed for the Zodiac versions.

Hi-Potions' potency is doubled by wearing the Pheasant Netsuke accessory, and reversed by wearing the Nihopalaoa.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

Hi-Potion restores 75% of Lightning's HP. It can be bought from General Stores for 480 gil from Day 6 on. It can be used in and out of battle.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Hi-Potions are subject to a cooldown timer shared between all items.

Description This concoction instantly restores HP.
Effect Restores 32% of current HP, up to a maximum of 340HP restored. 45 second cooldown.
Recipe Distilled Water (x1), Matron's Mistletoe (x1), Gil Bun (x1), Water Shard (x2) Lightning Shard (x2), creates Hi-Potion x3. Alchemist level 25
Find Guildleve chests and rewards.

Final Fantasy XV[]

A high-end energy drink that takes on healing properties by way of Noctis's powers. Fully restores HP.


Hi-Potion is a second-tier healing item available to purchase from all convenience stores, and they can be found as a randomized field collectible in all regions. They are more effective than Potions (with a price to match), and less effective than X-Potions and Mega-Potions. They are always available and are not locked behind story progress. It restores 1000 HP and can restore an ally from "Danger" status, though it does not restore any lost maximum HP sustained from daemons and in the aforementioned state.

Like all healing items, Hi-Potions are a name brand of energy drink or soda that Noctis can imbue with power from the Lucian Crystal to give them the magical property of healing. In that regard, healing items can be considered closer to a modern iteration of the "Cure" and "Raise" spell families, which are absent.

The Good Chamberlain accessory for Ignis has him use a Hi-Potion on Noctis when Noctis's HP falls below half.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Use a Hi-Potion to restore HP. A more potent draught than a Potion.

Effect Restores 70 HP.
Buy All shops, after finishing event at Sand Rat Sietch.
Find Use Treasure Hunter on certain maps.
Drop Chocobo, Goblin, Black Goblin, Bone Snatch, Pisco Demon, Gust
Other Battle reward for winning battles
Cost 200 gil

The ability required to use it can be learned from the Chemist job for 200 JP.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

Potion made in a higher concentration.


Hi-Potions have a Magic Power of 60 and are Holy elemental. The Magic Power is only used when using a Hi-Potion on an Undead.

Effect Restores 50 HP.
Buy All shops
Cost 200 gil

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Effect Restores 100 HP.
Buy All shops
Cost 100 gil

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Hi-Potions restore 100% of the target's HP. They can be bought from Orderly shops after "The Clash on Big Bridge" and are a reward for many Free Time Events.

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Final Fantasy Agito[]

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Final Fantasy Legend III[]

Cure2 recovers 100 points of HP to one character. It can be bought for 150 GP at Talon, Dwelg Town, Elan (Past and Future), Floatland Town, Knaya, Lae, Muu (Past, Present, and Future), New Dharm, Porle, Viper City, and Zhakal.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

Hi-Potions can be bought for 40 G at various shops, starting in Urbeth, as well as dropped from various enemies. It can be stolen from Mimic, Geri, and Freki, and found in several locations. Hi-Potions heal for 80 HP.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Hi potions restore one's HP by 500.

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

Hi-Potion activates when a character's HP falls below 15%, and restores 50% of their HP. It is obtained randomly after completing a Music Stage.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

Hi-Potion is a healing item that can be equipped or used manually (Quest Medleys only). It is used when HP drops below 15% and restores 50% of HP gauge. When used in Quest Medleys and restores 50% of the HP gauge. It can be obtained randomly after completing a Music Stage.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

A Hi-Potion restores 50% of the character's LP.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Hi-Potions may drop after the last enemy in a round has been defeated. A Hi-Potion instantly restores 25% of all party members' maximum HP.

Final Fantasy Explorers[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

A tonic that restores an ally's health by a modest amount. With its ingredients harder to come by and the preparation more difficult, it is more expensive than a standard potion, but its potency cannot be denied. While standard potions suffice for everyday injuries, the grave wounds suffered by numerous soldiers in the war between Grandshelt and Zoldaad brought about a need for this potent restorative.

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World of Final Fantasy[]

SINGLE: Restores a moderate amount of HP.

Effect Restores 1,000 HP to a single target.
Buy Chocolatte Mart (after Chapter 9 (regular file) / during Chapter 1 (New Game+ file))
Find Dragon Scars, Valley Seven, Phantom Sands, Underground Prison, Train Graveyard, Castle Exnine, EX Dungeon C
Drop Babyhemoth, Behemoth, Bihydra, Death Machine, Gamit, Ice Bat, Kuza Kit, Lead Gnome, Left Claw, Magic Pot, Magitek Armor, Memecoleous, Moogle, Moomba, Nightsqual, Quachacho, Red Dragon, Right Claw, Searcher Sharqual, Sistertaur, Werebat
Nightmare difficulty:
Ahriman, Bablizz, Baby Paleberry, Black Nakk, Chocochick, Cockatrice, Copper Gnome, Diagoro, Dualizard, Flammantoise, Flan, Floating Eye, Fritt, Goblin, Goblin Guard, Magitek Armor, Mandragora, Mel, Mini Golem, Moogle, Mu, Reaver Mu, Red Cap, Sylphine, White Nakk, Zapt
Cost 500 gil

Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon[]

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Chocobo's Dungeon 2[]

Hi-Potions restore 100 HP.

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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon[]

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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Chrono Trigger[]

Chrono Trigger Hi-Potion.png

Hi-Potion (also called Full Tonic) is a consumable item which restores 500 HP of a single party member.

Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring[]

Ehrgeiz Hi-Potion.png

Restores 128 HP.


The Hi-Potion appears as an item within the Forsaken Dungeon. It restores 128 HP and can be bought for 150 gil at the Merchant's Shop.

Bravely Default[]

A potion made by decocting miraculous herbs, both medicinal and non-medicinal, that only grow in remote regions, and then dissolving the resulting mixture in a cura solution.


Hi-Potions restore 500 HP to the target. They can be bought for 150 pg from Ancheim, Comrade, Florem, Grandship, Hartschild, Starkfort, Eternia, Adventurer (Norende Village Trader Shop Lv. 5).

They can be found in Norende Ravine, Anchiem, Temple of Wind, Vestment Cave, Grand Mill Works, Miasma Woods, Temple of Water, Florem Gardens, Witherwood, Mount Fragmentum, Twilight Ruins, and Starkfort, or dropped from Barras (prologue), Land Turtle, and Legion Impaler (ch 5). It is also be a reward for completing Tutorial Quests.

Poison Hi-Potion is an enemy ability used by Qada that deals 1000 damage and poisons the target (100% chance).

When used in compounding:

  • Hi-Potion + Remedy = Remedy
  • Hi-Potion + Hi-Potion = Hi-Potion
  • Hi-Potion + Elixir = Elixir
  • Hi-Potion + Megalixir = Megalixir
  • Hi-Potion + Antidote = Cure Poison
  • Hi-Potion + Phoenix Down = Resurrect
  • Hi-Potion + Eye Drops = Cure Blind
  • Hi-Potion + Echo Herbs = Cure Silence
  • Hi-Potion + Wakeup Bell = Cure Sleep
  • Hi-Potion + Balsam = Cure Dread
  • Hi-Potion + Potion = Water of Life
  • Hi-Potion + Ether = Quarter Elixir
  • Hi-Potion + X-Potion = Font of Life

Bravely Second: End Layer[]

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Treasure Hunter G[]

Treasure Hunter G - Hi-Potion.png

Cures severe injuries.


The Hi-Potion is a special item and the player will only obtain three.

Other media[]

Official "High Potion" drink.

Square Enix sells a drink called "High Potion" in their cafe known as Artnia, in reference to the item in the Final Fantasy series. It contains fresh mint, lime, honey and ginger ale.


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A potion (from Latin potio "drink" derived from Greek poton "that which one drinks") is a consumable medicine or poison. In mythology and literature, a potion has magical properties and might be used to heal, bewitch or poison people.