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Official art from Final Fantasy VI.

Use a Hi-Ether to restore MP. A more potent draught than an Ether.

The Hi-Ether (ハイエーテル, Haiēteru?) is a recurring item in the Final Fantasy series that restores MP. It is stronger than a regular Ether.


Final Fantasy V[]

Although not usable by normal means, Triple Ether (Ether Dry in Anthologies) is a Mix result by mixing a Hi-Potion with a Turtle Shell. It restores MP equal to three Ethers.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Restores 150 MP.

Also called Ether
Effect Restores 150 MP.
Find [WOB] Narshe (Classroom)
[WOB] Returners' Hideout
[WOB] Jidoor
[WOB] Zozo (x2)
[WOB] Albrook
[WOB] Magitek Research Facility
[WOB] Vector (Banquest)
[WOR] Tzen
Steal Sky Armor, Devoahan, Dropper, Spitfire, Level 30 Magic, Level 40 Magic, Level 20 Magic, Level 10 Magic, Right Blade, Left Blade
Drop Dropper, Spitfire, Ymir (Shell), Level 30 Magic, Level 40 Magic, Level 20 Magic, Level 10 Magic, Level 50 Magic, Level 60 Magic, Level 70 Magic, Level 80 Magic, Level 90 Magic

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Hi-Ethers restore 200 MP. They can be bought for 500 Rank Points.

Final Fantasy XI[]

Hi-Ethers (originally called Ether2) are obtained a variety of different ways, such as crafted with the appropriate skill in Alchemy, purchase from an NPC vendor, or as rewards for special events like Assault or Burning Circle fights. There are four different varieties of Hi-Ethers: Hi-Ether, Hi-Ether +1, Hi-Ether +2, and Hi-Ether +3.

The plus amount signifies a higher quality, with +3 being the best version, though other Ethers exist that restore more MP. There also exists a backpack called a "Hi-Ether Tank" that dispenses a Hi-Ether on demand (up to 20 times per tank), found sometimes from Assault.

Final Fantasy XII[]

The amount of MP Hi-Ethers restore depends on the accessed Ether Lores, but after all Lores have been bought a Hi-Ether heals 320 MP. In the original version, the Hi-Ether is not purchasable from shops, rather, it can only be acquired via treasure chests or synthesizing loot from the Bazaar. In the Zodiac versions, they can be purchased from the Baknamy merchant in the Necrohol of Nabudis for 1,110 gil each after the party converses near the top of the Pharos.

The ingredients of Hi-Ethers are: Foul Liquid x2, Slime Oil x1, Unpurified Ether x2. It is known as "Flask of Viscous Liquid" in the Bazaar and costs 12,000 gil. The pack can be created repeatedly, however, due to a bug in game coding, Slime Oil is actually an extremely rare item; it was intended to be dropped by the Flan genus of monsters, but because none of the regular flans actually do so, Slime Oil can only be obtained from the Orthros and the foot-racing minigame.

Hi-Ethers can be farmed at the Feddik River area of the Cerobi Steppe. All of the ten chests in the area spawn 50% of the time, with 50% chance of containing items, and, 50% to give a Hi-Ether if the treasure contains items, without equipping the Diamond Armlet.

Hi-Ethers' potency is doubled by wearing the Pheasant Netsuke accessory, and reversed by wearing the Nihopalaoa.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Hi-Ether are subject to a cooldown timer shared between all items.

Description Processed via the alchemical extraction of aetheric essence occurring in elemental crystals, the contents of this vial instantly restore a fair amount of MP.
Effect Restores 28% of current MP, up to a maximum of 180 MP restored. 180 second cooldown
Recipe Distilled Water (x1) Matron's Mistletoe (x1) Mandrake (x1), Water Shard (X4) Lightning Shard (x3), creates 3 potions. Alchemist level 35

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Hi-Ether can be used as an ability for the Chemist job class, requiring 400 JP to master. Hi-Ethers restore 50 MP to a unit and costs 600 gil to buy. Hi-Ether can be found with the Treasure Hunter ability at the Eagrose Castle, Fort Besselat South Wall, Limberry Castle Undercroft and Mullonde Cathedral.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

Hi-Ethers can be bought for 10,000 G in the bonus dungeons, and found in the Hunting Caves, Horne, and Star Chamber. It restores 5 AP.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]

SINGLE: Restores a moderate amount of AP.

Effect Restores 6 AP to a single target.
Buy Chocolatte Mart (Postscript)
Find Valley Seven, Phantom Sands, Mako Reactor 0, Train Graveyard, Crystal Tower, Castle Exnine, EX Dungeon A, EX Dungeon C, Hidden Dungeon
Drop Mordskull, Mimic Jackpot, Water Golem
Nightmare difficulty:
Black Chocochick, Mini Flan, Red Captain, Sea Snake
Cost 3,000 gil

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon[]

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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Chrono Trigger[]

Chrono Trigger Hi-Ether.png

Hi-Ether (also called Full Ether) is a consumable item which restores 60 MP of a single party member.

Bravely Default[]

Dry Ether is a compound ability usable by compounding an Ether and Turbo Ether. It restores 500 MP to a target.



Diethyl ether was once used in pharmaceuticals. It was frequently used as a general anesthetic until the adoption of halothane in the early 1950s, and is still occasionally used as an anesthetic in developing countries due to its low cost. A mixture of alcohol and ether was known as "Spirit of ether" or Hoffman's Drops.