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Very valuable medicine that cures all ills.

Hi-Elixir (ハイエリクサー, Hai Erikusā?) is a recurring item in the series.


Final Fantasy XI[]

The Hi-Elixir is a usable item that restores 50% of maximum HP and MP. High level alchemists can produce it as a high-quality result of the normal Elixir synthesis recipe.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Hi-Elixir is a usable item that restores up to 24% of HP (560 points max) and up to 20% of MP (460 points max). Level 50 Alchemists can synthesize it.

Final Fantasy XV[]

A legendary energy drink that takes on superlative restorative properties by way of Noctis's powers. Restores maximum HP and MP.


Hi-Elixir is a stronger version of the regular Elixir, that also fully heals lowered maximum HP, as well as MP. It costs 800 gil at the shops and is found in various dungeons and mazes. Gladiolus can find them with his Survival skill after Level 6. Ten Hi-Elixirs is a reward for Dave's A Rocky End and Swallowed by Shadows quests, and it is a common Hunt reward. They can also be obtained from the Justice Monsters Five minigame.

The following enemies have a chance of dropping Hi-Elixirs: Iron Giant (5%), Uttu (8%), Chandravarma (8%), Iseultalon (8%). Hi-Elixirs can be used as components for Elemancy crafting, and their added effect is Tri-cast.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

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Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Hi-Elixir is a trade accessory that provides Luck +4. It can be obtained either through the Duel Colosseum Invincible Course or the Arcade Mode Time Attack by beating it within 15-20 minutes.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Hi-Elixir is a trade accessory that provides Luck +4 and can be bought from the Moogle Shop for 75 KP on the player's Bonus Day during chapter 5 of Treachery of the Gods, Prologue of Light to All, and at Cornelia Plains during Confessions of the Creator. It is unlocked after obtaining 3,100 total KP.


An elixir is a clear, sweet-flavored liquid used for medicinal purposes, to be taken orally and intended to cure one's ills.