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The Hexapod is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2.

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When not in Oversoul, Hexapods are not much of a threat, but in Oversoul, they become much more dangerous since they have access to Quadruple Attack and have gained a large amount of HP. They usually appear in groups.

L-Bombs from Hexapods (all drops and bribes) are one of only two sources of the main ingredients for the Hazardous Shell Mix effect, the other being the considerably rarer Gold Hourglass from Oversouled Deep Haizhe.


It is best to use strong, hard-hitting attacks, such as Black Sky, Excalibur, Annihilator, and the like to bring them down when in Oversoul.

Creature Creator Edit

The Hexapod has no fiend tale, as it lives solely to fight. It can be captured in Chapter 5 with a Trap pod S in Mi'ihen Highroad after unlocking the Fiend Colony.

The Hexapod is the only S-sized fiend to learn both Ailment Def. and Total Limit Break, making it one of the most powerful S-sized capturable fiends in the game. It learns Total Limit Break and Charon by surviving a powerful attack, and Ailment Def. and Deathtouch are learned upon being successfully hit by an attack that inflicts status ailments (e.g. Bad Breath).

Etymology Edit

Hexapod is Greek for six-footed. It is the name of arthropods in the subphylum Hexapoda, which is divided into two classes. The two classes are Entognatha and Insecta.

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