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Heustienne de Vimaroix also known as Heustienne Truethrust is a non player character in Final Fantasy XIV, she appears in the Dragoon questline as a supporting character.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Heustienne is a female wildwood elezen with long blonde hair and purple eyes. she first appeared wearing chainmail armor, and a lominsan lance but later on wheres salmon colored drachen mail with a gae bolg lance, and finally wields a lance named Peregrine.

Personality Edit

Heustienne is an eager student willing to learn new skills from the Warrior of Light, she has a grudge against the dragon Graoully, and previously had a rivalry with Estinien.

Story Edit

Early life Edit

Orphaned at a young age, Heustienne was taken in by house Brucemont and to preserve her new families heritage, she wanted to become a dragonslayer. She joined the temple knights and was eventually accepted into the ranks of the dragoons. She was praised for her astounding agility and determination but was unsuccessful in attaining the title Azure Dragoon. She is recognized as the orders second in command whenever Estinien leaves Ishgard. [1]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Edit

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