Hello my dear students, the class has begun.
I'm your teacher, Doctor Shantotto, and this is Pain 101.


VanaFesta 2006 Heroine's Combat Event!

Heroine's Combat is a special battlefield event in Final Fantasy XI. It offers players a rare opportunity to exchange blows with normally friendly non-playable characters. It was originally developed as a treat for attendees of trade shows and fan festivals but has since become a prize obtainable in-game from the Mog Bonanza.

The battle is waged by a random subset of Ayame, Curilla, Prishe, and Shantotto. Two await adventurers inside the Stellar Fulcrum and a third drops in when one of the others is defeated. Each expresses some disappointment at her loss, but Shantotto also transforms into a tiny doll. Another Shantotto then emerges and reveals that her opponents had been fighting a copy all along. It is not possible to engage the true Shantotto in battle.

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