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The Hero is the protagonist of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. The player, at the beginning of the game, chooses their tribe, gender, and name (though there are defaults available). When spoken of in other media, the Hero is usually referred to as Sherlotta's child or her "kiddo."


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The Hero was found in the woods by Sherlotta sixteen years ago. She and the spirits of the Villagers reconstructed the Village so that the Hero could have a normal life. Although they were cared for by all of the villagers, the Hero lived with Sherlotta as her child.

On the night before their sixteenth birthday, the Hero has a nightmare: they see a girl in white running away from an old man. The girl trips and is caught by the man as his hand covers her face and the man sees a large crystal. The girl notices the crystal, and the man begins laughing. Then the crystal shines and the hero wakes up. That day it is their 16th birthday and their coming-of-age ceremony, in which the Hero is required to set out in the Forest and find the crystal.

When the hero reaches a clearing in the forest, Sherlotta appears, floating on the Crystal, and she tells the Hero that they has passed the test. Sherlotta gives the hero a Crystal. Soon after, even before the village has time to celebrate, a girl in the village named Eryll falls ill to a disease known as "crystal sickness". The Hero travels to Town for medicine and is sent to Larkeicus at the Library. He agrees to provide medicine as soon as the Hero brings a necessary Buffasaur Horn from the Aqueducts. Having done so, the Hero collects the medicine and returns to the village. Eryll is cured.

The Hero returns to Larkeicus to repay the favor, as agreed. Larkeicus sends them to reactivate ancient machinery at the top of Fire Mountain and Ice Mountain. The machines appear to react to something on the gateway north of Town. That night, a disturbance rocks the Village and Sherlotta suffers some kind of fit. When the Hero leaves the house the next morning, they are greeted by a small black cat which runs away. Everyone in the village save for Norschtalen appears to have vanished. After calming Norsy, the Hero returns to town with the intent of asking Larkeicus' help again, but the Library is filled with monsters and he is nowhere to be found.

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Default Equipment[]

Tribe Weapon Helmet Clothes Accessory
Clavat Bronze Sword Traveler's Hair Clip Travel Clothes Guard Ring
Yuke Wooden Staff Traveler's Hair Clip Travel Clothes Magic Ring
Selkie Aura Shooter Traveler's Hair Clip Travel Clothes Mind Ring
Lilty Bronze Lance Traveler's Hair Clip Travel Clothes Power Ring

Default names[]

Male Kieren Daniel Peter Welsh Elmoah O'Marley
Female Erin Mintie Julia Flora Marianne Christie
Male Seiberg Enselus Lewein Elgove Torbgieta[note 1] Heinrir
Female Ilias Iurilas Arisha Leannana Ardane Aimelita
Male Muh Jica Giy Em De Di Dah Maat Gul Toh Geck Moo
Female Roo Jay Momo Phi Sala Nah Ra Lena Tiy Rah See Sooy
Male Chad Gal Gil Wood Lyle Dot Ted Gil Bat Dahl Mic Lakt
Female Cass Dee Ell Hope Miya Bon Luma Arl Jo Rogue Nana Mil
  1. Because player character names cannot exceed eight characters, this default name is trimmed to "Torbgiet" if selected.
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