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Lyon! It's time to put the skills you taught me to good use!


Hernais pyr Longus also known as Hernais the Tenacious is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. He appears in the Bozjan Southern Front as a member of the IVth Imperial Legion.


Hernais' portrait in Field Record.

When Hernais first enlisted in the legions, he shared the midland marshals’ unfavorable impression of Lyon rem Helsos. The Beast King’s tactics were unconventional and unpredictable, subject to sudden changes as he surveyed the shifting tides of battle─certainly no such rough-and-tumble strategy was taught at any officer academy. The man himself was uncouth in word and appearance, and apparently preferred the company of creature to man. They dismissed him as they would any borderland barbarian.

Hernais’s opinion was flipped on its head, however, when he witnessed Lyon’s handling of the insurrection in Dalmasca four years ago. While it was true the Beast King spoke brusquely, he knew each of his subordinates by name, and was well versed in their strengths and weaknesses. When battle was joined, he did not lead from the rear─indeed, he was often the first to leap into the fray. Lyon’s strategy sent his pets to the front lines to die in place of soldiers, and, while initially bemused, Hernais came to understand the man’s fondness for the beasts. He doted upon them like children that might not wake to see the morrow, cherishing every moment they stalked the boundary ‘twixt life and death. Needing no more convincing of Lyon’s savage greatness, Hernais requested placement with the War Beasts that he might serve as his new mentor’s herald.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Hernais appears on the Bozjan Southern Front fighting in skirmishes against the resistance. He leads a squad of soldiers on an assault against Utya's Aegis along with magitek and his tamed beasts. He is pushed back along with others within the legion where he plans to assault the resistances newest outpost: Olana's Stand. after falling back to a position near the outpost he confronts the resistance with a tamed manticore, beasts, and other soldiers. Although Hernais is killed in battle here, Bajsaljen is impressed with his abilities.

Hernais is seen again in Zadnor when his corpse is ressurected as an undead soldier by the IVth Legion's Lucavi, Shemhazai. He fights the resistance along with an undead Dyunbu, which horrifes their former comrade Llofii. The two are put down once again by the adventurer and the resistance with the help of Lloffii and her Monoceros.



Hernais is a highlander hyur with long black hair that goes into a mullet and brown eyes. He wears a red Neo Ishgardian chest of Fending and a pair of longboots. In battle he wields the Rampager axe and a Lionsmane Shield in battle. When undead his skin changes to a light gray but he wears the same equipment.


Hernais has an uncouth personality and prefers the company of creature to man. He initially thought of Lyon rem Helsos as unfavorable but after witnessing him care for his beasts he thought of him as a great man and sought to follow in his footsteps. He honors Lyon before going into battle by shouting that he is fighting for Lyon and states that he will use the skills Lyon tought him to defeat his enemies. Many mock him for how he acts, but he doesn't mind for he thinks they are envious.


Hernais the Tenacious in his battle stance.

Hernais is fought in the The Bozjan Southern Front The Bozjan Southern Front in the Skirmishes The Beasts Must Die The Beasts Must Die, and The Monster Mash The Monster Mash. He has access to a few gladiator abilities including unique abilities that beastmasters use such as Ripping Blade and Blood Cyclone. Ripping is a hard hitting combo finisher for beastmasters and Blood Cyclone which is a point blank circular AoE that deals moderate damage. During certain points in the fight he will cast Run Wild that will buff one of his beasts which will increase their attack power, this ability can be interrupted by any ability that can silence a target.

Hernais also appears in Zadnor Zadnor as an undead soldier in the Critical Engagement From Beyond the Grave From Beyond the Grave, he uses similar abilities as his living counterpart with a large AoE that covers half the arena called Crimson Blade that he will combo with Dyunbu's Aethertide.



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