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Ser Hermenost de la Treaumaille is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. He is a member of Heavens' Ward.


Early life[]

Ser Hermenost joined the Heavens' Ward during the tenure of the previous archimandrite. The son of a merchant, he is a man of deep and abiding faith whose pious mother read to him passages from the Enchiridion every night when he was a child—an education which would later influence him to reject the family trade and become a friar of the church.

He spent his younger years in peaceful prayer and service until he was encouraged to undergo military training in order to better protect the monastery in the event of a Dravanian attack. The Temple Knight instructors were so impressed with his axework that they challenged him themselves, and after each was soundly defeated, he was summoned to the Vault, where he was granted a knighthood and extended an invitation to the Heavens' Ward.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Ser Hermenost, alongside his fellow Heavens' Ward, join Thordan VII in the Singularity Reactor after the Warrior of Light defeats both Lahabrea and Igeyorhm. The knights transform into the Knights of the Round and assist King Thordan in combat against the Warrior of Light.

Upon defeat, Hermenost and the other knights fall to the ground, and are encompassed in a swell of aetherical light.



Ser Hermenost is a Wildwood Elezen with black hair and striking golden eyes. He has black facial hair across his chin and jawline. He wears Ward Knight's attire, which is a form of pure white Adamantite armor with dark blue trimmings and bears his order's crest. In battle he wields the battleaxe Greycloud, a steel axe with a defined hook on the bottom of the axe's head, with blue and gold accents decorating the haft.


Ser Hermenost is deeply religious loyal to Halone and the church of Ishgard. He determines his actions based upon his faith, and is serious in both combat and in service to the archbishop.


Although using an axe, Ser Hermenost is also a formidable mage capable of unleashing devastating attacks by imbuing his battleaxe with lightning, a feat which earned him the title of "the Levinlight".[1][2]


Ser Hermenost is fought as one of King Thordan's knights in The Singularity Reactor The Singularity Reactor.

In Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, Ser Hermenost is fought as a simulacrum of memory, alongside his fellow Heavens' Ward, in the Dark Knight level 70 duty Our Compromise Our Compromise.

Behind the scenes[]

Much like his title, Ser Hermenost's weapon earned its name Greycloud (also known as "Thundercloud") from his magical abilities, creating the eponymous levinlight.[3]


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