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Herba is one of the antagonists of Final Fantasy: Unlimited. One of the four Lords of Gaudium, Herba usually sits beside Earl Tyrant and act as his personal attendee. An attractive lady that resembles a plant, Herba carries an umbrella with her. Though she acts flighty, Herba tends to mock others and bear grudges.

In the case of the latter, the people who annoy her the most she reserves to feed to her pet plant, Hug-hug, a vine/flower creature with an appetite matched only, ironically, by Poshepocket. She is considered Earl Tyrant's favorite, and has a tendency to end the names of people she likes with the word "baby", e.g. "Makenshi-baby". In the original Japanese release, she also has the habit of spelling words out while mocking people.


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Some time prior to the main events of the series, she captured the geologists Joe and Mary Hayakawa and implanted a plant in them which she could use to command and control the pair, making them act as if they were following the Earl's orders freely.

Herba is first seen in Fruit: The Town of Sweet Scent, where she dispatches a cluster of flower-like people to capture Lisa Pacifist and Yu and Ai Hayakawa. Though she is defeated, she retreats and survives the encounter. She directly encounters the group again when they enter her manor-like domain, using an invention of Oscha's to find parts of Omega. At the climax of the main series, she is present in Chaos's chamber with a giant version of Hug-hug, feeding Poshepocket to her pet. However, after Poshepocket eats his way out of Hug-hug, a vexed Herba receives the full brunt of Lou Lupus' howl attack, knocking her into the swirling mass of Chaos below.

In Final Fantasy Unlimited: After, it is revealed that she actually survived to become Princess Herba. She assumes her role as Chaos's agent by using her plants to feed Chaos until Yu and Ai assume their chosen role as the Chaos Rulers. Furthermore, she was responsible for transforming Dolk, Lisa's lover and part of the C2 Organization which she works for, into Soljashy, the first Lord of Gaudium under her as a means to feed Chaos. She retreated into Wonderland after manipulating Lisa to open the portal to that world.

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