Part of the League of S's investigative report into the Heralds.

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The Herald Report is an investigative report in World of Final Fantasy, created by the League of S regarding the Heralds. Two excerpts from this report are found in treasure chests, which are added to the player's Key Items inventory when obtained and can be read from there.

Herald Report, Excerpt 1[edit | edit source]

Added by finding it in a chest in the Nonary Region


Investigation into the Heralds / Report No. ---

At the time of this report, there are, to our knowledge, only three so-called "Heralds": the king of Bahamut, Brandelis; Segwarides; and Pellinore.


We finally have an answer to the long-standing question of how their army is able to mobilize Mirages in such large numbers; the agents we dispatched to Federation states have discovered that Segwarides and Pellinore are able to control multiple Mirages at once, similar to the way Mirage Keepers do.

Postscript: This information is not to be made public, as it poses the risk of swaying the populace's confidence even more towards the Heralds and the Bahamutian Federation.

Herald Report, Excerpt 2[edit | edit source]

Added by finding it in a chest in the upper floor of Balamb Garden


Investigation into the Heralds / Report No. ---

It has been widely acknowledged that the Heralds do not appear to age, and we can safely treat this as fact. Though the three of them were supposedly summoned to Grymoire a century ago, to date, we have discovered no evidence of any senescent changes.


As for why they do not age, we will need to investigate further and bring the true nature of their beings to light.

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