Template:FFI Enemies Template:See Also The Hellhound, also known as the CEREBUS in the Nintendo Entertainment System, is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy. They appear as one of the most common enemies in the Mount Gulg, often appearing with Gigas branch of enemies. It is weak to Ice spells, as most of the enemies in the volcano are, and absorbs Fire. It may attack for low damage, or use Blaze to hit all allies for low Fire damage. The Hellhound is not hard alone, but as it appears in large groups, one may choose to spread out Ice spells to avoid widespread loss of health among the player's party members.




A hellhound is a supernatural dog found in folklore. A wide variety of ominous or hellish supernatural dogs occur in mythologies around the world, similar to the ubiquitous dragon. Features that have been attributed to hellhounds include black fur, glowing red or sometimes glowing yellow eyes, super strength or speed, ghostly or phantom characteristics, and foul odor.

In cultures that associate the afterlife with fire, hellhounds may have fire-based abilities and appearance. They are often assigned to guard the entrances to the world of the dead, such as graveyards and burial grounds, or undertake other duties related to the afterlife or the supernatural, such as hunting lost souls or guarding a supernatural treasure. In European legends, seeing a hellhound or hearing it howl may be either an omen of death or even a cause of death.

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