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The Hellfire Chasm is one of the four bonus dungeons added to the Dawn of Souls version of the original Final Fantasy and also included in the 20th Anniversary Version. It is longer than Earthgift Shrine with 10 floors, but shorter than Lifespring Grotto and Whisperwind Cove. The Archfiends from Final Fantasy IV appear here.

True to its name, the Hellfire Chasm contains many floors that are filled with lava. The party will need constant healing to reverse the HP-draining effects of the lava tiles, which even appear in a level reminiscent of the Sunken Shrine. Scarmiglione and Cagnazzo appear on floor 5, though the player may only battle one during each run through the dungeon. Likewise, either Barbariccia or Rubicante may be battled on floor 10.

Items Edit

In the Hellfire Chasm, treasure lists are static on each floor, but what varies is the number of chest each floor has, and these are randomly sorted for each run.

Item Location
Cockatrice Claw First Floor
Stamina Plus
Hermes' Shoes
Speed Plus
Echo Grass Second Floor
Blue Fang
Bard's Tunic
Phoenix Down Third Floor
Stamina Plus
Red Fang
Mind Plus
Sage's Surplice
700 gil Fourth Floor
Eye Drops
Giant's Tonic
Turbo Ether
Silver Apple
Red Curtain Sixth Floor
Blue Fang
Strength Tonic
Luck Plus
Thief's Gloves
150 gil Seventh Floor
Faerie Tonic
Hermes' Shoes
Twist Headband
White Curtain Eighth Floor
250 gil
Blue Curtain
Power Plus
Sage's Mitre
Emergency Exit Ninth Floor
Giant's Tonic
Soma Drop
War Hammer
Floor Number of Chests
Lava path 3
Spiral lava path 4
Lava maze 2
Fire temple 4
World Map 5
Fire cave maze 5
Cave with walking commoners 4

Enemies Edit

FFI Background Lava Temple
FFI Background Mount Gulug2

Musical themes Edit

In the 20th Anniversary version, a remix of the Final Fantasy IV boss theme plays while fighting the bosses in this dungeon.

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Etymology Edit

In many mythological, folklore and religious traditions, hell is a place of torment and punishment in an afterlife.

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