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Troopers belonging to Shinra's Public Security Division. They wear power-enhancing suits and use rotors to fight while airborne. They perform reconnaissance and can pursue targets to areas where other troopers cannot.

Enemy details

The Helitrooper is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission". They are Shinra troops who specialize in scouting through flying over their targets. They are fought in the Sector 7 Slums Pillar in Chapter 12, "Fight for Survival", and on the Collapsed Sector 7 Plate in Chapter 15, "The Day Midgar Stood Still". In "Episode INTERmission", they appear in the "Yuffie & Sonon vs. Shinra's Dark Secrets" challenge in the Shinra Combat Simulator after completing the episode once.

Helitrooper (Vanguard) is also a flying unit for the Fort Condor minigame in "Episode INTERmission".



Abilities in italics lack names in-game and, hence, have unofficial names.

Physical damage = Physical damage
Magic damage = Magic damage
Ability Range Description Block KB(Knockback)
Physical damage Kick Melee Kicks target. Y N
Physical damage Machine Gun Fire Ranged Shoots target with machine gun. Y N
Physical damage Prop Swing Melee Lowers altitude and swings propeller at target. Y Y
Physical damage Prop Swipe Melee Dives towards target and swipes with propeller. Y Y


Helitrooper on the Sector 7 pillar.

The Helitrooper is a flying Shinra trooper that can move quickly through the battlefield. He will often keep distance from his opponents and shoot them with his gun-arm. He'll occasionally move into melee range and do a kick, or use Physical damage Prop Swipe, performing a dive attack at his target.

Much like the vast majority of human-type enemies, the Helitrooper is weak against Fire Fire. Being a flying-type enemy, he is also weak to Wind Wind.

Hard mode[]

On the hard difficulty, the Helitrooper keeps moving more often, and uses Prop Swipe less often, exposing himself less to attacks.


Wind magic is the most effective way to stop him, as it'll drag him down, allowing a quick retaliation.

Abilities that can track opponents, such as Barret's Focused Shot and Maximum Fury, are also useful to stop the Helitrooper.

Prop Swipe can be easily avoided or blocked, and Cloud can effectively stop him with a counter-attack while in Punisher Mode. If the player dodges this attack, the Helitrooper will be temporarily pressured.

Episode INTERmission[]

Yuffie can throw her shuriken to a Helitrooper, and use Wind Ninjutsu to enhance her ranged magical attack while her weapon is stuck on the enemy. Whenever she has the ATB, she should use Windstorm while her weapon is still stuck on the trooper, then throw it again.


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