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An enemy spared is an enemy who will repay your "kindness" with blood.


Heidegger is an antagonist in the Final Fantasy VII series and a Shinra Electric Power Company executive. He appears in Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Remake (in an expanded role) and Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. As a high ranking member of the Shinra organization, he is the head of Public Safety (a euphemism for the military).



Heidegger is a large man who dresses in a green suit with red and gold details. His hair and bushy beard are black and his eyes are brown. He has a large scar on the right side of his face. In his original concept artwork he has badges pinned on his suit front Original artwork by Tetsuya Nomura., possibly denoting his rank as a military leader. In his remake artwork, he has what appears to be a katana. Concept art for Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Heidegger is a cruel man uncaring of both the lives of the ordinary people who become oppressed by Shinra, as well as the people who work for the Shinra military, treating his underlings as disposable pawns. He enjoys his position of authority within Shinra and the power it grants him, Barret Wallace referring to him as the "chief warmonger". Heidegger's trademark is his "horse laugh", gya haa haa haa!, much to Rufus Shinra's annoyance. When things don't go his way, Heidegger is quick to deteriorate into temper tantrums, slapping or punching anyone within an arm's reach he considers lower ranking than himself after being scolded by President Rufus, or after being given strict orders after Heidegger having failed at something.

Scarlet, the head of Weapons Development, believes him to be an idiot, but still often works with him. Like most of the Shinra staff, Heidegger is arrogant and pig-headed, often refusing to believe that he can make mistakes despite the clear evidence in front of him.


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Avalanche Insurgency and Genesis War[]

Heidegger in Before Crisis.

In Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, during Shinra's war against the eco-terrorist group Avalanche, Heidegger is briefly given control over the Turks from their former leader, Verdot. President Shinra distrusted Veld following Avalanche's series of successful attacks using suspiciously well-coordinated intelligence.

Heidegger attempts to command the Turks in an operation in Junon, but his incompetence and over-reliance on the military almost allows Avalanche to take the city's airfield, and the airships. Veld blackmails the President to take back control of his Turks, talking of releasing information on a mysterious "top secret directive". With Veld back in command, the Turks defeat the Avalanche forces.

When Veld is revealed to be a traitor, Heidegger retakes the command of the Turks.

Although Heidegger does not appear in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, he is the one who takes command of SOLDIER following another traitor to Shinra, Lazard Deusericus, the former head of the organization's departure.

Original continuity[]

Field model of Heidegger in Final Fantasy VII.

Heidegger works under President Shinra, and agrees to the plan to drop the plate upon Sector 7 to destroy this second incarnation of Avalanche organization led by Barret Wallace. He is at the meeting with the Shinra executives that decides the plans for Neo Midgar, but leaves the Shinra Building before Sephiroth appears.

Heidegger works closely with President Shinra's successor, the President's son, Rufus Shinra. He puts together Rufus's inauguration celebration in Junon, and accompanies him during Shinra's hunt for Sephiroth. Heidegger is onboard the cargo ship heading to Costa del Sol, but unbeknown to them, both Sephiroth and Cloud's party are also on board as stowaways. After Rufus discovers it he tells Heidegger he messed up big time. The embarrassed executive responds by throwing locals into the sea in frustration. Heidegger is not seen with Rufus again until the executives arrive at North Crater on the Highwind in search of the promised land.

Heidegger survives the Diamond Weapon's attack upon Midgar, and joins forces with Scarlet in the ensuing chaos. When Rufus Shinra is presumed dead, Heidegger and Scarlet plan to take over the company and strip Reeve Tuesti, another Shinra executive, from power. Together they fight Cloud's party on a giant robot called the Proud Clod, but when the machine is destroyed, it explodes, presumably killing both Heidegger and Scarlet.

In Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- Heidegger is mentioned briefly when Reeve notes he was one of the only Shinra executives privy to the secrets of Deepground.

Remake continuity[]

Addressing the party via hologram in Mako Reactor 5.

Heidegger, the head of the company's armed forces, observes Avalanche operations in Shinra facilities via security cameras unknown to the terrorists. Shinra allows the acts of terrorism to build Avalanche up as a public enemy, and even detonates the mako reactors the group was going to blow up themselves to inflate civilian casualties. When Cloud and the rest of Avalanche opt to destroy Mako Reactor 5, Heidegger and President Shinra antagonize the group via holograms, gleefully observing their battle against the Airbuster the company deploys upon them live on TV.

While preparing to drop the Sector 7 Plate to crush their adversaries, Heidegger mocks Reeve Tuesti who pleads with his superior against commencing the operation. After Shinra drops the plate, they draw a false narrative implicating Avalanche. Heidegger goes on TV to declare that Shinra will catch the terrorists and bring them to justice.

Heidegger at the directors' meeting.

The Shinra directors gather to a meeting after the fall of Sector 7 plate. Heidegger, as well as the other directors, are uninterested in any rebuilding efforts much to Reeve Tuesti's frustration, and he dismisses Palmer's claim that Sephiroth has returned from the dead and appeared at the Shinra Building. After Cloud and his friends break their friend Aerith and Red XIII out of Professor Hojo's lab, Heidegger tries to catch Barret, Aerith, and Red XIII when they look for a way out of the Shinra Building, but Cloud and Tifa come to their aid in stolen Shinra vehicles and they bust out of the building.

When Rufus first arrives in the wake of the old president's death, Heidegger refers to him as "VP" and Rufus ignores him unless being referred to as "president", much to Heidegger's annoyance.

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Heidegger is a German surname meaning "heath harrower". The Japanese pronunciation resembles the variant Heidecker. The name's usage for this character may derive from Martin Heidegger.