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Hecatoncheir is a boss in Final Fantasy Dimensions. He appears in the Cave of Dread, being the strongest boss fought to this point in the game.



Hyper Regenerate.

Hecatoncheir is a strong and fast attacker, striking 2-3 times per turn for 300 damage per strike. When his HP drops to critical levels, Hecatoncheir will start using Curse Breath and Quake; the former damages the entire party and inflicts Curse, which lowers the afflicted target's stats, while the latter deals around 400 damage to the party. He will also use Whack, which can inflict Confuse.

Once defeated, Hecatoncheir will immediately regenerate, becoming vulnerable to any attack; however, when defeated again, it will use Hyper Regenerate to revive itself with full HP. This prompts Dark Knight to join the party, who has many Dark-based attacks to take advantage of Hecatoncheir's weakness against Dark attacks.


The player should seek to buy the best equipment and spells at Aulë and some Sacred Candles. The player can equip Dark Sword to someone, but the party needs a Jobless member for that.

The player should use the Summoner, Red Mage or White Mage to keep the party's HP high at the beginning of the battle. Warriors should use Enrage and Strike, while the Monks should use Aurablast before running out of MP. Bio is more effective than elemental spells.

After Dark Knight joins, the others can concentrate on healing; Darkness consumes 1 MP and 1/4 of the user's max HP, so Dark Knight may need to be healed constantly.


The Hecatoncheires were children of Gaia and Uranus who were thrown into Tartarus as soon as they were born. They were released by Zeus, and aided him in overthrowing Cronos. They were giants depicted with one hundred arms (and sometimes even fifty heads). The name (Εκατόγχειρες - Hecatonchires) is of Greek origin: Hecaton (εκατόν-) means one hundred and chires (-χείρες) means hands.

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