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Heavy Strike is a Blue Mage spell from from Final Fantasy XI. It is a physical Blue Magic spell learned at level 92.


The spell is learned from Golem enemies that use the ability. Due to the high level the spell can be acquired at, the easiest method to obtain to the spell is by battling the Aura Statue enemies within the lower levels of the Shrine of Ru'Avitau.


When used, Heavy Strike delivers a powerful blow to an enemy that can also inflict a Slow effect. The damage of the attack is dependent on the user's TP. The spell naturally has a -60 accuracy penalty when used, causing it miss numerous times when used, requiring the player to equip plenty of accuracy increasing gear in order to take advantage of the spell.

Heavy Strike costs 2 Blue Magic Points to equip. When set, it grants a STR +2 stat bonus to the player. It takes 1 second to cast and can be recast every 30 seconds.

If it is equipped with Acrid Stream, Empty Thrash, or Demoralizing Roar it will create the Double Attack job trait. However, when paired with the three aforementioned spells, the player can create the Triple Attack job trait. Due to Triple Attack's importance in end-game activities, Heavy Strike is mandatory for physical oriented Blue Mage's to obtain.