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Heavenstrike Rivals was a free-to-play social tactical RPG for mobile devices published by Square Enix and UK-based developer Mediatonic Ltd. Players commanded armies of units to battle a sinister race of demons known as the Fallen. Several Square Enix franchise characters, including those from the worlds of Final Fantasy, appeared as playable units. The game featured characters designed by Ryōma Itō and music by Ryo Yamazaki (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Music Collections). A PC version was released on Steam on May 23, 2016, but was discontinued February 1, 2017[1]. The game ended its service entirely on May 1, 2018[2], and has been removed from all app stores as of Winter 2019.

Story[edit | edit source]

Long ago, a land hung amongst the clouds, suspended by monolithic chains: Lunnain. The land was watched over by the Guardian, a holy being who resided at the chains' summit. Every hundred years, the divine Seven Sisters awoke to choose a new Guardian. Under their care, Lunnain enjoyed 600 years of prosperity, growing into a bustling industrial metropolis. That was, until the Fallen came. Ruthless monsters of nightmare, they mounted daily attacks down the chains. Overwhelmed, the army of Lunnain retreated to focus its efforts on key locations. Thus, the city was irreconcilably split in two: the safe Havens, and the unguarded Forsaken. Punished by their deity and left behind by their government, these people struggle to survive each day; their lives—and their city—a shadow of past glory. But adversity has a habit of birthing heroism, and one who will shape this cursed land's destiny is about to arise...

Official intro

The story took shape as the Player Commander and a diverse cast of characters are suddenly attacked during a training exercise. A warning siren fails to sound, and the team must battle to defend their realm from the oncoming wave of the Fallen.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Story Mode[edit | edit source]

The player was recruited as the commander of a battalion of units commissioned to do battle against Fallen demons. Each unit had specific abilities and attack methods. Play begins on a world map with multiple points of contact; at each point are missions selectable by the player. Once the player chooses a mission, s/he must select a squad to deploy in battle.

Battle follows a traditional turn-based tactical game: two commanders (Captains) face off on opposing sides of a 3x7 grid of tiles, each with their own HP gauges. Players exchange turns deploying units, each to attack the other Captain. As the player defeats opponent units, prizes may drop. The goal, however, is to deplete the opposing Captain's HP gauge before it can defeat the player's Captain in the same fashion.

The player and his units gain experience points, currency, and Cores after each battle; and when all battles within an area are complete, the story will advance and new areas will be opened. Players' data are saved remotely.

Cores are the game's equivalent of a premium currency, and may be used to continue a lost battle or to make purchases of new units and equipment.

In-game dialogue before and between battles is presented in a manner similar to Nintendo's Fire Emblem tactical RPG series, where full renders of the speakers are used as they speak.

Player vs Player[edit | edit source]

Once the Player Commander character reaches experience level 5, the player will be able to compete against Heavenstrike Rivals players from around the world with multiple modes of online play.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main cast[edit | edit source]

Trinity Lions 39th Squadron
  • Player Commander
  • Commander Harding: Leader of the Trinity Lions.
  • Khale Colson: Son of Lions founder Admiral Colson, who disappeared before the events of the game. He continues his father's work and legacy with a level head and a friendly demeanor.
  • Jack Colson: A fellow squad member who is Khale's brother and serves as the player's sparring partner. He seems to be easy-going and quick with jokes, but comes off as mildly doltish. He is a flirt whose charm has won many hearts, and has a crush on Olivia, though she does not return his affection in kind. Nevertheless, he is a reliable member of the team.
  • Olivia Greyfield: A smart, yet sarcastic female warrior with feline features who hates being called "Liv", and another fellow squad member. She is Khale's best friend, and has confided her deepest secrets about herself unto him. Other than this, little is known of her life before she joined the 39th. Compares most closely to a Fellpool from the Star Ocean series.
  • Lapom Lapom: A priest working in the service of the squad.
  • Adele (real name Adelaide): one of the legendary Seven Sisters who has returned to the world in the wake of the Fallen epidemic. Unfortunately, she has partial amnesia and has been stripped of the power she once held.
  • Lynne Halford: The bright, spunky office manager of the 39th who keeps its operations humming.
Lunnain Defence Force (LDF)
  • Captain Annie Smithson: A police captain who became a soldier when the Fallen began their assault. She questions her duty to only protect the Havens from the Fallen threat.
  • The Stranger: A mysterious figure in a black cloak.
  • Garret Talon: Leader of the Black Claw, a band of rogues.
  • Red Dragon: The female leader of an anti-LDF resistance, the Dragon's Rage.

Final Fantasy guest units[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The application icon depicted a traditional Black Mage.
  • Square Enix has worked with teams based in the United Kingdom well before undertaking this project. Recent installments of the Dragon Quest franchise, including remakes, have been localized there as well, before reaching the Western world. The company's European offices, responsible for the Lara Croft and Deus Ex franchises, are also based in the UK.

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