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HP Cure pot damcyan ios

Damcyan Castle's HP cure pot in the iOS version of Final Fantasy IV.

Drink this water to restore your energy.
—Scholar inside the Wind Shrine, Final Fantasy V (GBA version)

Healing pot (回復のツボ, Kaifuku no Tsubo?, lit. Pot of Recovery) is a recurring feature of the Final Fantasy series. Along with Inns and Save points, it is a small object that allows the party to be fully restored. It appears in very few games compare to Healing Springs, and it often appears in the shape of a urn. Often, a blue-tinted screen accompanies the healing when using the healing pot.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Edit

A healing pot is found within the Labyrinth of Time, inside the Netherworld Crypt area. It fully recovers HP, MP and status ailments.

Final Fantasy III Edit

There is a healing pot next to the hole in the wall inside the Elder Tree.

Final Fantasy IV Edit

FFIV Healing Pot

The first healing pot appears inside Damcyan Castle on 3F, the pot on the right recovers MP only while the pot on the left recovers HP and status effect. There is another one found inside the Dwarven Castle's Dwarven Base that recovers both HP and MP. Though it is not a pot, there are two recovery points found in the Crystal Palace's 1F, the HP one on the left side of the room and the MP one on the right side.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Edit

There is a single healing pot in Cave of Eblan's B2 during Edge's tale.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

A healing pot can be found during Rydia's Tale of the game, located on B2 of the Agart Mine. Two other healing pots are located in Lodestone Cavern during Palom's Tale.

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Final Fantasy V Edit

FFV Healing Pot Sprite iOS

There are three healing pots in Final Fantasy V and both fully heals HP and MP, removes status ailments, and revive dead allies.

  • First one is on the left side of the Wind Shrine inside the room with the scholars. This healing pot loses its healing abilities in the merged world. Instead, one scholar brings it to the Sealed Castle.
  • The second one is found in the second floor of the Library of the Ancients.
  • Another healing pot is in Phantom Village which is only accessible in the merged world and in the Interdimensional Rift where time-frozen Phantom Village appears. It is located in the town's underground tunnels.

Final Fantasy VI Edit

FFVI Healing Pot Sprite

Inside the Beginner's Hall, there's a healing pot that contains water from a healing spring. There's no pop up message after pressing the Confirm button.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Edit

A healing pot can be found within the Spelvia Dungeons. As there is no MP in the game, healing pots only restore HP.

Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

FFD Healing Pot Sprite

In Harmonia, after the party enters the airship and lands, the player can find a soldier with a healing pot right next to him in case the party runs low on HP and/or MP.

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Non-Final Fantasy appearances Edit

Rudra no Hihō Edit

Treasure of the Rudras Healing Pot Sprite

Healing pot can be found across the countless dungeons, they are usually found nearby saving statues. Healing pots restores both HP and MP.

Gallery Edit

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