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Healing Wind is Aeris's first level 1 Limit in Final Fantasy VII, and her default Limit. It heals the party for half of their max HP, making it a strong healing ability. Using it eight times unlocks Seal Evil.

Healing Wind is performed by Aeris spinning her staff, at which point energy forms around her hands. Aeris and each party member is engulfed by wind, healing them.


Healing Wind is a simple healing ability that relies on the max HP of the party, rather than on any of Aeris's stats. This means the ability requires no investment to be effective, and remains useful throughout the game. Healing Wind is one of the strongest healing abilities early on and makes Aeris a dependable supporting character, though it is not a substitute for also having healing spells and items.

After using Healing Wind eight times, Aeris learns Seal Evil, which has an entirely different effect of disabling enemies by inflicting Stop and Silence. Which to use depends on the situation. Against bosses, which are immune to Stop and Silence, Healing Wind is a better ability to use when in a dire situation. Against most normal enemies Seal Evil may be a better choice, allowing the party the opportunity to defeat the enemies and then heal up after battle.

Later Limit Breaks for Aeris can provide more unique effects, and Healing Wind is outclassed by Pulse of Life. Additionally, as the party's Restore and All Materia level up, Healing Wind drops off in use, and the player is better off equipping Aeris's other Limit Breaks.

Yuffie has the Limit Break Clear Tranquil, with an identical effect to Healing Wind.