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Allows you to use healing spells.


Healing materia is a Magic Materia Magic Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission", equipped to provide the user curative spells that restore HP. This includes three purely curative spells, and one that provides Regen Regen.


Jessie gives Cloud a healing materia.

A healing materia is initially equipped on Barret Wallace, and is later given to Cloud Strife by Jessie Rasberry at the start of the quest "Reach the Sector 8 Station". More can be bought from shops, first available in the Sector 7 Slums, for 600 gil. There is also a healing materia in the train during "All Aboard for Sector 4" Healing materia on a train from FFVII Remake, and in repeat playthroughs, healing materia replace many of the one-time-pick-up materia the player already got previously.

In INTERmission, Yuffie starts with a healing materia already equipped to her, and it is sold in the Sector 7 Slums Item Shop and in all vending machines.



Level AP required Effect
1 0 Cure
2 300 Cura
3 450 Regen
4 450 Curaga


Magic MP Effect
Cure 4 Heals a small amount of HP.
Restore a small amount of HP.
Cura 9 Heals a moderate amount of HP.
Restore a moderate amount of HP.
Regen 6 Provides Regen Regen to one party member and restores 10% of their max health.
Gradually restore HP over time.
Curaga 12 Heals a large amount of HP.
Restore a large amount of HP.


Healing materia grants three tiers of curative spells, beginning with the base spell Cure Cure. The spells increase in potency, but also in MP cost. With the Salvation Badge equipped on the character being healed, the curative spells heal more when the equipper has 25% or less health remaining. At its third level, the materia unlocks Regen Regen, a spell that grants the Regen buff, which heals a character's HP over time by a percentage based on their max HP. Equipping the healing materia also improves a character's max MP by 1.

Healing materia is more beneficial to characters the higher their Magic Magic attribute is. Thus Cloud and Aerith naturally cure for greater amounts of HP than Barret and Tifa, depending on the characters' equipment. At higher levels when characters' HP is higher, Cloud and Aerith may be able to fully heal a character with just Cura to save MP, while Tifa or Barret require Curaga. Nonetheless, because healing is such a useful ability, and to prevent one character being too strained for MP, equipping all party members with healing materia may be advisable. Barret in particular can make invaluable use of Healing Materia due to his high HP allowing him to take attacks more effectively to heal near-death characters.

The healing materia is invaluable if paired with a Magnify Materia Magnify Materia, allowing a character to use Curaga to heal all party members at once for a single ATB cost. This helps in many situations, and especially boss battles, and is even better when the magnify materia is leveled up. It can also be used to cast Regen on all party members.

Healing materia remains useful throughout the game, and is ideal for at least two characters to have one equipped. However, healing materia should not be relied upon too heavily, particularly in hard difficulty, as it can become expensive for MP, although the weapons with MP Saver: Healing Spells mitigate this. Alternatives to healing materia that do not rely on MP include the Chakra Materia Chakra Materia and the Prayer Materia Prayer Materia, as well as healing items in the normal difficulty.

Behind the scenes[]

Healing materia was the third-most popular materia among survey respondents, at 10%.[1]


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