FFVIII wiki iconFFXI wiki iconPFF wiki icon Healing Mail (ヒーリングメイル, Hīringu Meiru?) is a recurring item in the series, appearing as an item, armor piece, and accessory.


Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Healing Mail is an item that teaches a Guardian Force the ability GF HP+10%. It can be won from a level 20+ Mesmerize or Turtapod or from a level 1-19 Snow Lion, mugged from any-leveled Snow Lion, or one Healing Mail can be refined from 5 Turtapod cards. One Healing Mail can be refined into 6 Hi-Potions via Recov Med-RF, or one Healing Mail can be refined into one Pet House via GF Recov Med-RF.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Healing Mail is body armor that provides 47 DEF, HP +12, Fire Resistance +10, Ice Resistance +10, Wind Resistance +10, Earth Resistance +10, Lightning Resistance +10, Water Resistance +10, Light Resistance +10, Dark Resistance +10, Breath damage taken -9%, and Enchantment: Recover Wyvern HP. It can be equipped by level 70 Dragoon. It can only be obtained through synthesis.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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