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An elaborate neckpiece that imparts peace of mind to the wearer.


Healing Carcanet is an accessory in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission" that increases the effectiveness of healing items, abilities, and spells used by the wearer by 20%.[1] It is similar to the Salvation Badge, but superior for boosting all healing and the user does not need to be in low health for the benefit to kick in. Healing carcanet cannot be bought, but sells for 2500 gil.


Healing carcanet treasure.

A healing carcanet is found in a treasure pot in the Underground Test Site when the player explores it as Barret during Chapter 13, "A Broken World".

During "In Solitude", from the starting point, heading south, and firing Barret's gun at the rubble opens the path forward. Further down the tunnel is a fork; shooting debris on the right leads to a treasure chest (2000 gil), while shooting debris on the left leads to the next room. Heading forward and up a ladder, then to the left, and shooting debris above, clears a path to a treasure chest for mega-potions. Further in, climbing the ladder up and into a cave and destroying the debris left leads to the healing carcanet, while the path right proceeds down the quest route.

In "Episode INTERmission" Chapter 2, "Covert Ops", there comes a point where the player ascends a pipe to B13 - Advanced Weaponry: Development. Heading up the left side (east on the map) leads to a short path where Time Materia Time Materia can be found, while heading up the right side (west on the map) continues with the story. At B13's main path, a cutscene commences, following which a bridge must be lowered by using Throw to cut it down. After lowering and crossing it, taking the short detour left finds a healing carcanet.


Healing Carcanet is useful for boosting the power of curatives by 20%. It can help the cheapest healing spells and items, Cure Cure and potion/hi-potion, go further. It also boosts the healing from Pray. It improves Tifa and Barret's magical healing power even when they have low Magic Magic, which may be especially useful in hard mode. The player can substitute Item Master Materia Item Master Materia with the healing carcanet to free up a materia slot in favor of an accessory slot. The effects from both also stack, so the player could equip both for the best effect.

Healing Carcanet does not boost HP-recovery via the HP Absorption Materia HP Absorption Materia. It also doesn't appear to work with the Magnify Materia Magnify Materia+Healing Materia Healing Materia combination.

Aerith is the party's best healer, but she has a naturally high Magic attribute and thus may already be topping up everyone's health without the need of equipping the healing carcanet. The accessory is found when the player is controlling Barret alone, and thus may be a good time to equip it to boost his healing capabilities.