Heal Pill in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years for smartphones.

Heal Pill (がんやく, Ganyaku?, lit. Healing Medicine), also called Healing Pill, is a recurring Ninjutsu ability in the Final Fantasy series. It is a Ninjutsu spell that restores HP to the target.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[edit | edit source]

Heal Pill is learned by Edge, Izayoi and Tsukinowa. It restores a small amount of HP at a cost of 6 MP. Izayoi knows it initially, Tsukinowa learns it at Level 9, and Edge learns it at Level 17.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[edit | edit source]

Restores 30% of a single ally's maximum HP.


Healing Pill is a level 2 ability of the Ninja class, requiring 55 AP to learn. At the cost of 15 MP, the user will restore HP of an ally equal to 30% of their Max HP.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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