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Restores a little HP to entire party.

Final Fantasy description

Heal in the original Final Fantasy.

Heal (ヒール, Hīru?), also known as Mog Aid or Moogle Aid, is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. The spell serves as a group-wide recovery ability, restoring a small amount of HP for the entire player party. Due to later entries allowing for the option to group-cast Cure spells, Heal has been revamp into a recovery ability that restores both HP and removes status ailments.

The name has been used as an alternate name for Esuna and Remedy in Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy Legend III and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.


Final Fantasy[]

White Mage - HEAL.gif

Heal (HEAL on the NES and Heal1 in Final Fantasy Origins) is a level 3 White Magic spell that restores a small amount of HP to all allies. In the NES and Origins releases, it restores between 12 and 24 HP, while in subsequent releases, it restores HP depending on the caster's Intelligence.

The spell can be bought at Elfheim and can be learned by the White Mage and White Wizard classes. In the GBA/PSP/iOS releases, it costs 10 MP to cast. It can also be used from the Healing Staff and Healing Helm for free.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Heal is the spell used through using the Healing Staff as an item. It restores minor HP to all party members, and has a spell power of 12. The spell is classified as a White Magic spell in the 3D versions.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

Heal is an Item Magic spell via the Healing Staff. It restores minor HP to all party members.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Heal can be used via the Healing Staff and Healing Rod. Brina's Dance command randomly casts a White Magic spell called Heal Dance, which casts Heal on the entire party. It is also be used by the Duke Malboro.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

Mog Aid is a Charge ability for the Mog Knight to learn from the Icebrand blade. When used, it restores HP and removes several status ailments from the user. It has a power of 35 and costs 300 AP to learn.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Moogle Aid once again appears as an Onslaught ability for the Moogle Knight. Like the previous installment, it can be learned from the Icebrand blade and costs 300 AP to learn. When used, it restores HP and removes several status ailments from the user.

Final Fantasy Tactics S[]

Heal was a White Magick ability for the Summer Maiden Mynn and Praying Rudolph White Mage units. When used, it would restore some HP to all targets within a cross-shaped area of effect.

Final Fantasy Adventure[]

The Heal spell will restore normal condition immediately by removing the status Pois, Ston, or Dark for 1 MP. It is obtained from Cibba in Wendel. It is bugged. When the player casts the spell, Sumo's DP is set to zero until the next time the player pauses the game.

Final Fantasy Legend III[]

CureA is a Lost Magic spell that recovers 30% of the party's HP. It cost 8 MP to use, and it can be bought for 10000 GP in Knaya (Pureland) and Shar (Talon).

Vagrant Story[]

Heal is a Shaman Spell learned from the Grimoire Guerir. It costs 5 MP to cast and restores the target's HP.

Heal is also an enemy ability used by Crimson Blade, Goblin Leader, Orc Leader, Lich, Neesa, Gremlin, Ogre, and Ogre Lord.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II[]

Heal I - III are magic abilities for Jornee to learn from her version of the Fairy Eidolon. When used, the abilities restore a moderate amount of HP and removes all Poison stacks from a single target. It costs 10 MP to perform.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Icon in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Heal is a shared Soul Break usable by any character equipped with the Healing Staff (IV) weapon. When used, it restores a moderate amount of HP to one ally and casts Esuna on them. It requires a single Soul Break bar to perform. Due to the ability being outclassed by most character unique Soul Breaks, Heal is remained largely unused in the game.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Chrono Trigger[]

Heal in Chrono Trigger.

Heal is a single tech of Frog that cost 2 MP to cast. It restore a moderate amount of HP to all allies.

Bravely series[]

Heal is a Holy Magic spell for the Bishop in Bravely Second: End Layer. It allows the target to recover 30% of their maximum HP.

The spell also appears in Bravely Default II as a Red Magic spell, learned at job level 3 for the Red Mage. Heal restores 1000 HP to a single target and costs 14 MP to use.


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