Haywire Axeman is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought during the main quest A King's Struggle. It is a volatile magitek trooper the player faces in Zegnautus Keep while being deprived of weapons beyond the Ring of the Lucii. The player needs to defeat at least one of them if they want it in the bestiary, as this is the only part of the game where they appear.


The strongest type of berserk cybersoldier. Stationed in Zegnautus Keep, this unit exhibits erratic movement patterns, and its core is extremely unstable. Combatants should maintain their distance as this trooper could self-destruct at any moment.
Size: 7 ft. 2 in. Weight: 338.8 lb.



As soon as the haywire axeman spots the player, they will rush over swinging their axe. Though they have weapon and elemental weaknesses, the player can't use these types of attacks against the haywire axemen as Noctis's powers are sealed for much of Chapter 13.


The Defend command makes Noctis phase through the axe-swinging and cast Holy, damaging the axeman. Timing the dodge just right casts an especially potent Holy spell. The player can also use Death or Alterna against them.


  • Haywire axeman yields less EXP than what the official guide indicates.

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