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Trophy: Paranormal Investigator
Complete "Haunted". Bronze

When the group finally crawls out of the sewer system, they find themselves amidst the train graveyard in Sector 7. Not knowing who or what to believe, and uneasy about the uncertain future, they hurry toward what they believe to be the exit.


Haunted is the eleventh chapter in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The chapter comprises events when Cloud Strife, Aerith Gainsborough, and Tifa Lockhart pass through the Train Graveyard to reach the Sector 7 slums.

Completing the chapter unlocks the bronze trophy Paranormal Investigator.


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Train Graveyard is a junkyard of decommissioned train cars.

Cloud climbs out of the sewers to join Aerith and Tifa. It is still nighttime and a Shinra Electric Power Company helicopter flies past. The pilot is Rude, who is told to proceed with the plan as the mission has been approved. Reno, who is also in the helicopter, can't believe what Shinra is doing to Avalanche, with Rude saying threats to the public order are to be put down. Reno guesses it is too late to grow a conscience. Watching the helicopter fly toward the Sector 7 pillar, Tifa begins to worry, but Cloud suggests the helicopter was just on patrol. Aerith promises they will reach the slums in time.

They are in the Train Graveyard, a junkyard for decommissioned train carriages. The group needs to pass a large facility to reach Sector 7. The place is creepy and deserted, Tifa regaling people getting lost in the haunted graveyard to never return home again. Further in Tifa hears a child's voice, with Cloud doubting a kid is out this late. As they continue strange glowing doodles appear onto the floors and walls, showing them the right way.

Tifa and Aerith grab onto Cloud.

As the group climbs upon a broken train that leads to the large facility, they hear a creepy laugh and the train collapses, causing them to fall inside. A message "Come on" appears. They exit the train and find themselves in the entrance of the large facility that becomes covered with childlike doodles as it opens. A scared Tifa wonders if they should enter, but a smiling Aerith says Cloud is her bodyguard and hangs on to him. Tifa grabs him too and tells Cloud to go in first, but an exasperated Cloud asks the ladies to let go of him first.

The maintenance facility is an abandoned a station. Tifa hears a strange voice, with Aerith seeing something and tells the person to come out. A transparent kid emerges and transforms into a ghost. Another ghost shows up and attacks the kid ghost, but Cloud and the others defeat it. Cloud wants to kill the kid ghost as well, but Aerith stops him. Cloud thinks the kid ghost is dangerous, but Aerith insists on sparing it. Tifa hears something as the ghost leaves. They realize a crane is moving a train to drop it onto them. Cloud saves the others before they are crushed. The fallen train has blocked the exit with Cloud saying they will need to find another way.

The maintenance facility.

They find the train doors locked. A ghostly announcer voice says the train will stop at the Sector 7 slums and is bound for the Train Graveyard. The voice tells the group to stand clear of the closing doors, but the doors open instead. The group enters and finds the connecting trains help them reach the exit. A crane lifts the next adjacent train and the group must take a detour upstairs where the crane is. Cloud activates a switch to bring the train back down, but power is out. They head to a control room along with a mysterious black wind. As the group passes through, Aerith finds ghosts hidden inside each room as the group defeats them.

The control room door is locked from outside, but Tifa saw an alternate path to the other side. The group uses the trains to reach there and finds an unlocked door. The group enters the control room and Cloud approaches the controls to turn the crane switch on. The lights go out and the controls do not respond. A floating object appears and attacks them, throwing containers and light rods at them, but the group dodges the barrage. Numerous ghosts show up as Aerith understands what they are saying: they are coming to get them. The ghosts form a bigger ghost called the Ghoul, but it disappears when Cloud, Aerith and Tifa defeat it. Aerith then says the Ghoul enjoyed the battle, saying the ghost was waiting for someone to come play with them. Cloud is confused as the lights and the controls come back on.

Tifa recalls Marlene tell her about the haunted train graveyard where children are stolen away by a mysterious wind.

The group turns the crane switch on, which drops the second train and connects it with the first. The group returns downstairs and passes through the trains, eventually getting through the train that blocked them from the exit. Tifa realizes a transparent kid has appeared with a sad ghost drawing. Aerith wonders if the kid is a girl when Tifa sees she is Marlene, Barret's daughter she regularly helps look after. Tifa remembers Marlene warn her about the Train Graveyard, and mention her friend Betty and her dad. Marlene had stopped and wondered when Barret would come home. Tifa had told her Barret might not make it home tonight, which made Marlene upset. Back in the present, Tifa wonders where Marlene is as the vision disappears. Tifa says they can't waste anymore time here.

The group leaves the maintenance facility as Cloud sees a white wind move ahead. The group turns on a switch to move the turntable, which was preventing them from reaching the other side. Trains block the way, but Aerith suggests they move one. Cloud activates the switch inside a train cabin, and once the train has finished moving, the train's communications system picks up a signal from a helicopter in its vicinity. The group overhears a conversation by the Turks about the plate separation code. Rude is firing from the helicopter at the Avalanche members defending the Sector 7 pillar while Reno asks if Rude has a death wish. Tseng, the leader of the Turks on a speaker, asks if Reno has any problems. Reno answers some people are trying to defend the pillar. Tseng promises to send reinforcements to support them and to contact him when the mission is complete. Back at the Train Graveyard, Tifa realizes that Shinra is truly going to drop the plate. Cloud says that Barret and the others will stop them, while Aerith encourages Tifa to keep going. Tifa prays that they will make it in time.

Aerith and the kid ghost.

Cloud moves two more trains to open a path to the Sector 7 slums while more Shinra helicopters approach the pillar. When the group is almost there more ghosts show up, turn into a black wind, and drag Aerith away, separating her from Cloud and Tifa. The two recall Marlene's story of a black wind taking children away. The lone Aerith sees the same kid ghost they met earlier and realizes the kid ghost is helping her. The kid ghost disappears with the other ghosts when the demon Eligor shows up and makes Aerith reexperience painful childhood memories. Aerith is surrounded by dark clouds and sees children play hide and seek, wondering where Aerith is. She sees a kid version of herself who tries to tell the other kids that she is here, but she is alone, breaks down, and starts crying, calling out for her mom. The adult Aerith cries as well.

Cloud shows up and saves Aerith, who was under attack by Eligor, the entity that has been keeping the local children's souls captive. Aerith sees Eligor fly around them and Tifa shows up as well, telling Aerith that she and Cloud found her. Aerith is glad and the group defeats Eligor. The Sector 7 pillar is under attack as Tifa kicks Eligor into a bunch of containers, opening up a path to the Sector 7 slums. The kid ghost with some other ghosts then appear before flying up to the sky and disappearing, with Aerith saying goodbye to them. The group sees the beautiful scenery that was left behind by the ghosts before they take the path that was created after the battle.

The group watches the attack on the pillar.

The group arrives at a locked gate that leads to the Sector 7 slums station. Tifa hangs onto the bars with Aerith hanging on to her as they watch the Sector 7 pillar under attack from Shinra forces, with a helicopter again approaching.

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The majority of quests are combat quests in which a party of Cloud Strife, Aerith Gainsborough, and Tifa Lockhart navigate through the haunted junkyard and fight enemies along the way. In several quests, the environment must be interacted with to move trains around and create a path forward.

Two bosses are fought during the quests: Ghoul during "Shadow in the Control Room", and Eligor during "Back Amongst Friends".