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Haukke Manor (Hard) is a Dungeon Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV, released in patch 2.1. It is the hard mode of Haukke Manor, and served alongside Copperbell Mines (Hard) as the game's first hard mode dungeons.


Scarred by the Calamity and warped by vanity, the lady of House Dartancours has made a bargain with the voidsent—and lost her soul, as is so often the case with such sketchy arrangements. Now, her manor house is a lair to all manner of dark beings, and the elite band of Wood Wailers sent to purge them has failed to report back. A second try is now in the works.

Duty Finder description

Musical themes[]

"The Dark's Embrace" plays at all times during the duty while not in combat. "The Dark's Kiss" plays while fighting regular enemies.

"A Fine Death" plays while fighting the Manor Jester and Ash; "Nemesis" plays during the battle with Halicarnassus.

Behind the scenes[]

Halicarnassus is roughly based on the boss of the same name from Final Fantasy V, though the Deltascape V3.0 would later feature a much more faithful adaptation of the same boss.