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Hatching-tide is an event in Final Fantasy XIV themed after Spring. The event period is usually set up during the beginning of Spring until the ending of the Easter holiday. The yearly event offers players in-game cosmetic gear, chocobo bardings, minions, or housing items. In addition, the 2018 version of the event allowed players to unlock a side-scrolling mini-game for their in-game toy box.


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  • Egg Harnest
  • Prestine Egg Cap
  • Chocobo Egg Cap
  • Vibrant Egg Cap
  • Brilliant Egg Cap
  • Midnight Egg Cap
  • Pristine Egg Ring
  • Chocobo Egg Ring
  • Vibrant Egg Ring
  • Brilliant Egg Ring
  • Midnight Egg Ring


  • Brilliant Egg Earrings
  • Egg Earrings
  • Egg Floor Lamp
  • Lucky Egg
  • Midnight Egg Earrings
  • Vibrant Egg Earrings


  • Archon Egg Tower
  • Dust Bunny
  • Hunter Barding
  • Fortune Egg
  • Pa-Paya Orchestrion Roll
  • Spriggan Cap


  • Egghileration System Identification Key (mount)
  • Eggstravagant Interior Wall


  • Hatching-tide Banner
  • Magicked Prism (Hatching-tide)
  • Motley Egg
  • Spriggan Chocolate

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