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Hasteja in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Time magick that hastens the passage of time for its targets, effectively boosting their Speed.


Times current, place me in your whirlpool! Haste2!

Upon casting (PlayStation)

Hasteja (ヘイスジャ, Heisuja?), also known as Haste 2, is a Time Magick spell found exclusively in Final Fantasy Tactics. It is learned by the Time Mage for 600 JP (550 on the PS). It costs 30 MP to use and grants Haste to all allies within a range of 3 with a speed of 15 and a vertical reach of 1. It cannot be reflected or used with Arithmeticks. Hasteja has a 20% chance of randomly being learned in battle by a Time Mage who has yet to learn the spell and is inflicted with the status.