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Increases the target's speed.


Hastega, also known as Haste 2,[1][2] is an Effect spell in Final Fantasy VI. It grants the haste effect to the party, which doubles the rate their Active Time Battle bar increases, effectively doubling their turn rate. Celes learns the spell naturally, and for other party members, the spell is taught by magicite. Hastega outclasses the basic Haste spell, which grants the effect to one ally.

Hastega is also an enemy ability used by Level 50 Magic and Magic.


Celes learns Hastega naturally at level 52, but will likely learn the spell earlier. The spell is learned from Quetzalli with the rate of x2 and Cactuar at a rate of x5.


Hastega is affected by reflect and Runic. Hastega is unblockable.

Haste and slow are mutually exclusive and cannot coexist on the same unit.


The haste buff is extremely positive and improves the damage and healing output of the party. Granting the buff to all party members can change the course of a battle, meaning it should always be used in longer battles such as boss battles. However, the cost of casting Hastega means it should only be used selectively for battles in which it is needed.

Because Hastega is unaffected by the caster's stats, it can be taught to and used by any party member, and cast by anyone with the MP to support it. However, having it used by a party member with Gold Hairpin, or especially Celestriad, is often better to conserve MP all-around. As such, if one of these relics is available, the user of the relic should cast the spells.

Hermes Sandals and Miracle Shoes grant haste to the party member automatically. Though this can be used for certain party members as they will have the effect upon reviving, with Hastega, these relics become less valuable in favor of other stronger relics.