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Increases the target's speed.


Haste is an Effect spell in Final Fantasy VI. It grants the haste effect on one target, which doubles the rate their Active Time Battle bar increases, effectively doubling their turn rate. Celes learns the spell naturally, and for other party members, the spell is taught by magicite. Later, the Hastega spell grants the effect to all allies.

Haste is also an enemy ability used by Level 10 Magic, Level 80 Magic, Cherry, Magic, Moebius, Number 128, Clymenus, Gilgamesh, Kaiser Dragon, Plague, Visage, and Flame Eater.


Celes learns Haste naturally at level 32, but will likely learn the spell earlier. The spell is learned from Carbuncle with the rate of x3 and Quetzalli with the rate of x20.


Haste is affected by reflect and Runic. Haste is unblockable.

Haste and slow are mutually exclusive and cannot coexist on the same unit.


Haste is a very positive buff that can greatly improve the damage or healing output of a party member. Haste should be used by party members in longer battles such as boss battles, and targeted toward the most valuable attackers. It can also be targeted to Locke to use Steal more often and increase the chance of getting an item.

Because Haste is unaffected by the caster's stats, it can be taught to and used by any party member. In fact, it may be better for non-spellcaster party members to use Haste while allowing spellcasters to preserve their MP for offensive or healing spells where their MP is more important.

Hermes Sandals and Miracle Shoes grant haste to the party member automatically. This is better than casting the spell on them since they will have the effect upon reviving. When Hastega is obtained and cast at the start of battle, these relics become somewhat less valuable.