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Hassam (ハシム, Hashim?) is a minor character in Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals. He is the grandfather of Linaly and a descendant of Bartz 200 years after the events of Final Fantasy V.




Hassam is a very old man with permanently squinting eyes, a bald head and a long black moustache. He wears small tinted pince-nez (spectacles) and purple and yellow monk robes. Around his neck are various prayer beads, and he wears a Buddhist Kasa (hat).


Hassam is very clumsy, often tripping and falling over. Due to his age, he's dependent on his granddaughter Linaly. Hassam is rather proud of his ancestry, recalling the brave battle against Exdeath of long ago. Hassam is critical of Prettz, noticing his feelings for Linaly and attempting to dissuade her from pursuing a relationship with him.


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Hassam sets off on his journey.

Hassam is the first character to appear in the show, when he senses something terrible is happening. This foreshadows Ra Devil's attempt to steal the four Elemental Crystals, and in order to prevent this from happening, Hassam sets out for the Wind Shrine in hopes of ensuring it's protection.

Because of his age, his granddaughter Linaly accompanies Hassam on the long journey. They head out of town by boat, where a persistent Prettz decides that it's too dangerous for an old man and a young girl to travel out alone, ultimately following them for the whole journey much to Hassam's displeasure. However, Prettz's motorbike hits a pothole and Hassam and Linaly's boat sails down the river off into the distance. Soon, they reach a desert and continue by foot. Hassam trips and falls down a rocky ledge, disturbing a sleeping Antlion which awakens and chases the two.

The bed-ridden Hassam guides Linaly to the Wind Crystal.

Prettz catches up just in time to slay the monster and save Hassam and Linaly. But Hassam is weakened from the ordeal, and is brought to the nearest town where he's bed-ridden, unable to continue. He tasks Prettz and Linaly with ensuring the safety of the Wind Crystal and the two set off, leaving Hassam to recover. For the remainder of the show, Hassam communicates with Linaly spiritually, through his magic Yin-Yang charm. Through his guidance, the two are able to protect the Crystal and defeat Deathgyunos. In the end, Prettz, Linaly and Hassam are shown to have returned to their peaceful lives, sailing down the river in a boat.

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Hassam is voiced by Kei Tomiyama in the Japanese version, and John Hostetter in the English dub.