Hashmal, Bringer of Order

Hashmal, Bringer of Order, also known as Hashmalum the Regulator, is the fifth Lucavi demon that Ramza Beoulve must fight in Final Fantasy Tactics. Second-in-command of the Lucavi, he is associated with the Leo Zodiac Stone and has posessed Folmarv Tengille, leader of the Knights Templar of the corrupt Murond Glabados Church. He has several powerful attacks like Quake. Ramza fights him at the Graveyard of Airships, where he is attempting to bring his master Ultima back to life. After receiving a wound from Ramza, Hashmal will commit suicide to provide his own blood for Ultima's resurrection. This works, and Ramza must battle Ultima shortly afterward.



  • Speedsap- unusable because it requires a sword
  • Bind (Spell)
  • Death Cold (Chill)

Dimension Magic

Traits: Short Charge, cannot enter water


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