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Master, 'Bloody Angel'... Let me offer you 'blood' darker than wine and hotter than burning lava!

Hashmal (FFT-HASHMURIM), also known as Hashmalum , is the fifth Lucavi demon whom Ramza Beoulve must fight in Final Fantasy Tactics. Second-in-command of the Lucavi, he is associated with the Leo auracite and has possessed Folmarv Tengille, leader of the Knights Templar of the corrupt Church of Glabados.


Hashmal is a demi-human with long pale blond hair with two low short braids and a leonine face. He wears a dark blue sleeveless robe with matching wristbands and has sharp claws.

Hashmal is solely focused on the Lucavi's mission to revive their master, masterminding a war in Ivalice to accomplish his goals.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Hashmal kills most of the guards and Folmarv's son, Isilud, in Riovanes Castle during a rampage after his negotiations with Duke Gerrith Barrington soured. He reverts into Folmarv and discovers Alma is a suitable host vessel for the Lucavi's master, Ultima.

Ramza fights Hashmal at the Airship Graveyard where he is attempting to bring Ultima back to life. After being wounded, Hashmal commits suicide to provide his own blood for Ultima's resurrection. This works, and Ramza must battle Ultima shortly afterward.

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Hashmal's job is Regulator (PS)/Bringer of Order (WotL). He is level 59 with 70 Bravery and Faith, and has roughly 1425 HP and 790 MP. He is immune to all negative statuses except Blind, Slow, and Immobilize. He has several powerful attacks, like Quake.


When fought in the thirteenth Rendezvous battle: Nightmares, he is level 99 and carries the same abilities and status immunities as previously.


A being capable of controlling the very laws of nature, and thus ruling all living things far and wide.
Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
5 4 13 12% High High Average High


Innate Abilities


Lucavi job command. This special technique shatters the mind, causing status effects.

The formula for damage is as follows:

$ Magick Attack \times PWR \times (Faith/100) \times (Target Faith/100) $
Original Name WotL Name Description Range Effect Speed
Speed Ruin Speedsap Dull the target's reflexes, reducing his or her Speed.
MP Cost: 20
Quote: "Destroy all time! Speed Ruin!"
4 2 33
Spell Bind Inflict a status effect.
Effect: Stop.
Quote: "One step closer to hell! Spell!"
5 2 Now
Death Cold Ague Inflict a status effect.
Effect: Slow.
Quote: "Inject evil spirits! Death Cold!"
5 2 Now

Dimension Magic/Planar Magicks

Bringer of Order job command. Warps time and space to bring about catastrophe.
PS Name WotL Name Description MP Cost Range Effect Speed
Melt Meltdown Magick that transforms the entire area of effect into the searing-hot flames of the lower hells.
Element: Fire.
Quote: "Dissolve into a fiery world of chaos... Melt!"
70 4 4 15
Tornado Magick that conjures up a rampaging tornado.
Element: Wind.
Quote: "Gusting winds, hear what I say! Tornado!"
70 4 4 15
Quake Magick that conjures up a massive earthquake, nearly upending earth and sky.
Element: Earth.
Quote: "Assailants in the ground, it's time to rumble! Quake!"
70 4 4 15
Meteor Time magick that warps space-time, causing an enormous meteor to fall on the battlefield.
Quote: "Time has come...crash down on the wicked! Meteor!"
70 4 4 8

Other appearances

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

FFRK Ultimate++ Hashmal FFT
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In modern Hebrew hashmal means "electricity". Hashmalim is the Jewish second order of angels; translated as golden/amber ones. (Amber was known for its static charges in antiquity and the basis of understanding electricity.) The leader of this order is named "Hashmal".

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