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Hart is a minor supporting character in Final Fantasy VII, with an expanded supporting role in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is the deputy mayor of Midgar and serves as Mayor Domino's assistant.[1]

In the original Final Fantasy VII, Hart is a minor character who helps Cloud Strife's party with hints about Domino's keycard password. In Remake, his role is slightly expanded, serving as Mayor Domino's right-hand man and assisting Cloud's party with information on the collaborator they seek to reach the higher floors of the Shinra Building.


Original continuity[]

In "Storming the Shinra Building", Hart greeted Cloud's party outside Mayor Domino's office on floor 62. He escorted them to the office and offered to answer any questions they had. When asked about Domino's password and keycards, he expressed sympathy for Domino's feelings, admitting he had too much time on his hands. He agreed to share hints regarding the password, believing it was his duty as a public servant to serve the needs of the people, but requested compensation for the information given.[2]

Remake continuity[]

Hart escorts Cloud's party to Mayor Domino's office.

In "The Belly of the Beast", Hart politely greeted and welcomed Cloud's party when they exited the Visual Entertainment Hall, though Barret was suspicious of him. He guided them to the Shinra Building's Corporate Archives, where Mayor Domino's office was located, per his request. After learning about the collaborator, the party questioned him further, receiving a vague hint on the collaborator's location, appearance, and behavior for 10,000 gil. Barret felt ripped off, but Hart rewarded him a weapon in hopes of preserving their relationship. If revisited, he offered the party additional assistance, insisting they not hesitate to ask.[3]



Deputy Mayor Hart's character model in Final Fantasy VII.

Hart is an older man with an average build, fair skin, and green eyes. He has gray hair worn in a ponytail in Final Fantasy VII and slicked back white hair in Remake. In both appearances, he has a three-forked goatee.

In the original Final Fantasy VII, he wears a a formal white jacket resembling a karate gi, a gray obi, a light blue undershirt, dark green pants, and black boots. In Remake, he wears three layers of formal clothing consisting of a tan sports coat with a dark red pocket square, a dark purple vest with pin stripes, and a white dress shirt worn with a red tie. He wears dark green breeches, tall brown woolen socks, and black dress boots. He wears a watch on his right arm.


Hart is a polite, good-natured, and well-mannered gentleman who has affection for Midgar. He works closely with Mayor Domino as his right-hand man and sympathizes with his bitter feelings. He takes pride in his job, always being helpful and willing to answer questions, believing it's his duty as a public servant to serve the needs of the people.[2][3] He never overlooks the money Domino spends and has become a clever businessman because of that,[1] going as far as requesting Cloud pay him in exchange for confidential information that could prove risky.[3]


Hart charges gil in exchange for services in both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In the original Final Fantasy VII, Hart stands outside the Mayor's office on the 62nd floor of the Shinra Building. Hart is able to assist Cloud when he tries to figure out the mayor's password to get the keycards for higher floors; the more he is paid, the more help he will give. If paid enough, he will reveal the password.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, after the party has met Domino, Hart offers a hint about the collaborator they seek for 10,000 gil; if paid, he'll provide a vague clue about the collaborator's location, appearance, and behavior, and will also reward the party with EKG Cannon EKG Cannon, a weapon for Barret.


Domino and Hart are named after pizza brands, Domino's Pizza and Pizza Hut (colloquially termed Hart, or ハット, in Japan) as a joke to Barret once calling the upper Midgar a floating pizza,[4] and the slums' theme on the original soundtrack is called "Under the Rotting Pizza".