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Harmonia (ハルモニアの村, Harumonia no Mura?) is a village in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It is made secluded by a large forest and mountains. It is located to the west of Cid's airship. There is a pond in the town. The Developer's Office is found inside a house with an open door.


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Harmonia serves as a labor camp of sorts, hosting a wide array of workers ranging from children to one's grandparents. Soldiers are seen as being merciless with the laborers, being verbose with contempt and then physically abusing them. Nacht, Alba and Dusk are situated in Harmonia, presumably as laborers themselves until Cid decides to make use of them for his own ulterior motives.

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Item Place
Antidote Pot (in Nacht's house)
Potion Pot (near the bottom right house)
Tent Pot (in the bottom right house)
Phoenix Down Pot (inside the house to the right of the leftmost house. )
Antidote Pot (in the leftmost house)
Potion Pot (in the upper right inside the top house)
Potion Barrel (near the top house, right next to a crate)

Musical theme[]

"Den of Corpses" acts as a theme for Harmonia.



In Greek mythology, Harmonia is the immortal goddess of harmony and concord.

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